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really..eye boy..a netflix production..more of them later..


at the risk of unleashing sockpuppets onto the blog i present this..a side event before the all star week began..played out to an incredulous mainstream media..we think he was taking the caused some genuine shock..jared will like this eh?


draymond got in on it..


LeBron James And Draymond Green Defended Kyrie Irving’s Flat Earth Theory

and then lebron defended him in the link above and richard jefferson had an interesting t-shirt at an interview..pranking?


i love this image..


see the owl?..who are they? 😉


jim..break on through to the other side..

quotes_from_steve_jobs_01 cant argue he didnt do that..


another netflix production..its everywhere..

it is what it your back skippy..

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Erasing Family

Dr. Craig Childress: Attachment Based "Parental Alienation" (AB-PA)

Last night I had the opportunity to attend a fundraising event for a documentary currently being filmed about “parental alienation” called Erasing Family.

At this event, the movie’s director showed rough cuts of some of their filming to date, stories told by targeted parents and by their now reunited children.  Most powerful were the statements by the now-reunited children.  Strong stuff.  Good stuff.

This is exactly the professional grade documentary that needs to get made.

They need funding.  They need our support.

They are in the process of filming.  Go to their website.  Read about this documentary.  I strongly urge you to contribute – I did.  This documentary will be your voice, this documentary will be the authentic voice of your beloved children speaking clearly about their experience of alienation and recovery.

Things are changing.  I feel it.  The universe is shifting on its axis.  The stars are aligning. …

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LONDON: #Daesh militants are planning “indiscriminate attacks on innocent civilians” in Britain on a scale similar to those staged by the Irish Republican Army 40 years ago, the head of the country’s new terrorism watchdog said – @AceNewsServices

Ace News Services

#AceNewsReport – Feb.26: In an interview with the Sunday Telegraph published on Sunday, Max Hill, the lawyer tasked with overseeing British laws on terrorism, said the militants were targeting cities and posed “an enormous ongoing risk which none of us can ignore”.

Islamic State planning attacks in Britain – anti-terrorism lawyer “In terms of the threat that’s represented, I think the intensity and the potential frequency of serious plot planning – with a view to indiscriminate attacks on innocent civilians of whatever race or colour in metropolitan areas – represents an enormous ongoing risk that none of us can ignore,” he said.

“So I think that there is undoubtedly significant ongoing risk which is at least as great as the threat to London in the 70s when the IRA were active on the mainland.”

British security officials have repeatedly said that Islamic State militants, who are losing ground in Iraq…

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WOLVES/BLUES POLICE REPORT: #Police have criticised a small minority of fans after trouble broke out at the Wolves v Blues match on Friday 24 February – WMP – @AceNewsServices

Ace News Services

#AceNewsReport – Feb.26: The Championship fixture was held at the Molineux Stadium on Friday evening where Wolverhampton Wanderers were defeated by rivals Birmingham City FC 1-2.

Following Birmingham City’s second goal, Wolves supporters are believed to have thrown bottles, seats, and coins from the Steve Bull and South Bank stands. And a disorder broke out, forcing #police to use force to quell the trouble, when Birmingham City fans clashed with Wolves supporters near to the train station after the match.

Investigation launched following trouble at Wolves v Blues match
During the evening, 13 arrests were made, eight men were believed to be Birmingham City supporters and five were believed to be Wolverhampton Wanderers fans.

Officers have now launched an investigation into the two incidents and are urging anyone who witnessed the disorder or who can identify those involved, to call with information.

Match commander Chief Inspector Nick Rowe, from the…

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