NEW YORK: FALSE NEWS: Is on the RISE even in the Areas of ‘ ‘ LAW AND ORDER ‘ with the latest about ‘ ICE ‘ NOT just ‘ FALSE STORIES ‘ but ‘ ‘ FALSE PROPHETS ‘ acting on the STAGE of ‘ IMPERSONATING ICE AGENTS ‘ Sparking FEAR in Woodside, Queens IMMIGRANT Communities – @AceNewsServices

Ace News Services

#AceNewsReport – Feb.25: Donald Trump’s tough talk on immigration is reverberating in New York’s melting pot… As ‘ False News ‘ is growing across the country …

Is this TRUE OR FALSE or will False News become the #TRUTH as readers no longer know what’s the REAL TRUTH FROM THE FALSE PROPHETS waking the Earth …

Con artists and scammers have apparently seized on the recent, high-profile deportations of immigrants in the US in order to rip off people afraid of being detained and removed from the country.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman issued an urgent fraud alert on Thursday, warning immigrant communities in the state about reports of fraudsters impersonating Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to intimidate immigrants and demand money.

“It is unconscionable for scam artists to prey on heightened fear in our immigrant communities by pretending to be ICE officers and demanding that families pay up…

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It’s Really Quite Simple

Dr. Craig Childress: Attachment Based "Parental Alienation" (AB-PA)

Things are changing.

I am increasingly being asked to consult within the mental health system and the legal system regarding the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of attachment-based “parental alienation” (AB-PA). This is a good thing.  People in the mental health system and legal system are becoming educated.

The climate is shifting.  I can feel it.  Mental health and legal professionals are beginning to understand.

And it’s really quite simple actually.  I can see the lights of understanding going on as I talk to them.  They want to do the right thing, they just need guidance out of the wilderness.

Assessment leads to diagnosis… and diagnosis guides treatment.

Simple.  Simple.  Simple.

All we are asking for is that the court-involved mental health professionals – therapists and child custody evaluators – simply assess for standard and established symptomatology in the child’s symptom display:

 Developmental Pathology:  Attachment system suppression.

Personality Disorder Traits:

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“Don’ts” list for dealing with sociopaths

Parental Alienation

Things to never do:

  1. Accusations. Sociopaths never respond well to accusations, it will always turn into a knockdown fight in which you will be bloodied much more than they ever will be.
  2. Recriminations. (see accusations, above).
  3. Emotions. Sociopaths generally don’t want to hear about how what you feel if what you feel is negative towards them. If you are in anything remotely like a fight, accusation, or recrimination, do not under any circumstances get emotional. The limited exception, as another reader has pointed out, is when the sociopath is feeling wronged by you, is hurt, etc., in which you should show exactly the amount of normal empathy you would show an empath under those circumstances (more on that in another post).

  4. Ultimatum or any other power plays. Sociopaths see ultimatums, artificial pressure (e.g. emotional pressure), power plays, etc. as being either threats or games. I don’t think you will like…

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