Announcing a new event! #OneWeek100People2017: Monday March 6th – Friday March 10th

Citizen Sketcher

Do you want to get better at drawing portraits? Or people in action?

Every aspiring artist has heard the advice, ‘Carry a small sketchbook at all times!’. We’re all told ‘Practice drawing every day!’. This is of course great advice.

But sometimes we need a little extra motivation.

I’ve always enjoyed giving myself a playful challenge. A short- term tangible goal.

It has to be something that’s achievable – but also a bit of a stretch. We need to commit to giving a little extra effort! Plus – we need to give ourselves permission to clear our busy schedules and make time for art.


Taking inspiration from the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), this year, from March 6th to 10th, urban sketchers Marc Taro Holmes (Montreal, CA) and Liz Steel (Sydney, AUS) invite the world to join in with #OneWeek100People2017.

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  Narcissists – the great manipulators!

Cheezburger celebrities inception keanu reeves mindwarp

After Narcissistic Abuse

From my Book: From Charm to Harm and Everything else in Between with a Narcissist! @


I am going to try to get into the head of the Narcissist in order for you to see the distorted reality of what is REALLY going on in there. It is always dangerous and against our best interests to attempt to understand their darkness – so remember to heed my advice and never try to do it.


Narcissists ALWAYS tell lies and half-truths to avoid having to explain their actions. In turn they will accuse and blame others to divert attention away from themselves and the truth. A Narcissist will refuse to accept the perspective of any human being but they will irrationally defend their own distorted/delusional position and lies as well as force you into accepting them as reality and the end result is that you discard or dump YOUR…

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British bank Lloyds says net profit surged by more than four times — up to £2.0 billion

Peace and Freedom


© AFP/File | The Lloyds Banking Group said net profit surged by more than four times to £2.0 billion in 2016 compared with £466 million a year earlier

LONDON (AFP) – Lloyds Banking Group announced soaring annual profits Wednesday on lower charges linked to an insurance scandal, as it awaits a full return to the private sector following a state bailout.

Net profit surged by more than four times to £2.0 billion ($2.5 billion, 2.4 billion euros) in 2016 compared with net profit of £466 million a year earlier, LBG said in an earnings release.

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In Archbishop Michael George Bowen -v- JL [2017] EWCA Civ 82 the Court of Appeal overturned a judge’s decision under section 33 of the Limitation Act 1980.  The judge had exercised the discretion in favour of the claimant. On appeal this was found to be wrong.   The fact that a judge had made certain findings of fact in favour of a claimant  on liability did indicate that the section 33 discretion should be exercised.  The trial judge failed to take into account the full extent of  the delay and the considerable prejudice to the defendants who were contesting a case where there was a reversed burden of proof.


The claimant said he was abused by a priest for…

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#UK #PublicLaw #JR: Common Law duty for #JudicialReasons

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Judicial Reasons ~ Jacqui Gilliatt, CHILDREN IN LAW, March 2016.

Appealing on the basis of inadequate judicial reasons

Magistrates must give written reasons for their decisions. Other Judges do not have to give reasons in writing but they must still give reasons and these will be tape recorded so that a transcript can be obtained. Courts do not usually announce their decisions and give reasons on a later date but they can give a short summary of their reasons and a more detailed judgment on another occasion. By the rules magistrates are supposed to give their detailed reason no later than 72 hours later

There are cases where, even though it is permitted by the rules, it would not be sensible to take the short summary route and it may be a ground of appeal in itself. However, if the advocates have not objected to this approach it is not…

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Change of Child Custody Reversed in Nashville, TN Parenting Plan Modification Dispute: In Re Braylin D.

Herston on Tennessee Family Law

Facts: Mother and father are the never-married parents of Child. A parenting plan was entered designating Mother as the primary residential parent and granting Father 103 days of parenting time.

Several years later, Father petitioned to modify the parenting plan. Mother counter-petitioned to modify the parenting plan.

knoxville child custodyThe trial court heard proof that both parties failed to adhere to the parenting plan. For example, Father was allotted 2-3 telephone calls with Child each week, but those calls did not always occur. There was evidence that Mother traveled with Child to Canada for a weekend without notifying Father.

After hearing, the trial court found a material change in circumstance sufficient to change custody. After considering Child’s best interest, the trial court entered a parenting plan changing the primary residential parent to Father and granting Mother 130 days of parenting time.

Mother appealed.

On Appeal: The Court of Appeals

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