U.S. Proposal Considers Prosecuting Parents Helping Children Entering Country Illegally

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Draft memo also indicates those trying to cross the border illegally could be returned to Mexico to await legal proceedings

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US-Mexico border in San Ysidro, California 2008


Feb. 18, 2017 9:28 p.m. ET

WASHINGTON—Parents and others who help children travel illegally to the U.S. would be subject to deportation or prosecution under new Trump administration policies being completed, according to a memo prepared by the Department of Homeland Security.

The draft memo also indicates people from countries other than Mexico trying to cross the southern U.S. border illegally could be returned to Mexico to await legal proceedings, while others would be held in detention centers.

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When an Abuser goes to Therapy (Including the Narcissist, Psychopath, Master Manipulator)

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In order to effectively treat a person with an abusive personality, it is important to understand that almost everything you learned in school does not apply. A valuable basic premise to hold on to is that ‘people do that which they want to do because they get a reward for doing it.’ Think about an abuser. What could he possibly want from hurting another person?  There are many answers to that question, these include: power, control, vindication, punishment, retaliation, etc. None of which are useful in a civilized society, let alone a healthy relationship or family. There are two underlying approaches to abusive behaviors:  defensive and offensive. The defensive abuser is reacting or responding to an external stimuli.  He wants to protect himself in some way. The offensive abuser gets some sort of payoff for hurting others. What is this payoff?  Most likely it is the feeling of superiority and satisfaction…

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The path to psychopathy passes through animal torture

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Social media images of two people who cut off the ears of puppies in the Central Anatolian town Isparta caused a public outcry.

Unfortunately, this is not a unique or a new example of savagery. Reactions grew, and the perpetrators were caught and fined.

There were reactions to the reactions in the social media. There were comparisons that would burn all circuits between the brain and the conscience such as, “Do you know what is being done to people; why don’t you take a look at them, too?” There are a lot of words to say to them but let me keep them to myself.

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Dissociative Identity Disorder

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  • Having a “split personality” is called Dissociative Identity Disorder.
  • Split personalities are known as “alters,” while the body is the “host” or “system.”
  • DID has been wrongly portrayed in film, TV, and books as linked with evil.
  • In most cases, people with DID are the victims of abuse, not the abusers.
  • They want you to know they are not “monsters” but are human just like you.

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The psychopath or narcissist in the court room

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Victims of psychopaths or narcissists, or narcopaths, are usually a family member or spouse and if you’re lucky you won’t have any regular interactions with them because once they decide to destroy you they will. One of their favorite methods of destruction is through legal abuse. Legal abuse takes place when a person knowingly makes false allegations of crimes or abuse in order to keep you chained to the courthouse. Narcopaths will look like your spouse, friend, or your neighbor and can be recognized by their evil actions.

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Ten Tips for Victims of Sociopathic Behavior

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It is apparent that something is out of sorts. At first the person who was extremely charming, almost too good to be real has now become intimidating, demanding and even threatening.  The pathological lying over trivial matters, even when caught, can no longer be ignored.  They are unreliable, unrelenting, irresponsible, disruptive, outrageous, traumatizing, insincere, unrepentant, lawless, and shameless. It appears they are sociopathic. What can be done? Here are ten tips for the victims of sociopathic behavior. Name the type of abuse. All sociopaths use some form of abuse to manipulate victims. Abuse can be emotional, physical, mental, verbal, financial, sexual and spiritual. Begin by reviewing examples of each to identify the abuse. For instance, gaslighting is a popular form of mental abuse where the abuser, through a series of lies and deceptions, gets the victim to believe they (the victim) are going crazy. Diagnosis the behavior. Search the web…

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