ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Chicago. A northwest suburban man has been sentenced to two years in federal prison for wire fraud carried out in 2013: – @AceNewsServices

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#AceNewsReport – Feb.13: Arlington Heights man gets two years in prison for wire fraud …

Sean Moran, 39, pleaded guilty to wire fraud on Sept. 14, 2016, according to #FBI spokesman Garrett Croon.

Moran was the owner and president of DCL Capital, Inc., an Arlington-Heights-based trading company, according to federal court documents.

One client invested about $750,000 with DCL Capital, according to the court documents. Moran lied to the investor about his investment of $225,000 made on Nov. 6, 2013, according to court documents. Instead of trading the money, he instead used it for his own expenses, including to pay down substantial credit card debt.

Throughout 2014, Moran lied to the investor and claimed his money was generating positive returns from trading, when instead he knew his trading of the remainder of the investor’s funds had resulted in substantial losses, according to court documents. He prepared and sent several false…

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#Brittius says Emotionally Disturbed Person (EDP) Sounds more like extreme frustration, and the subject opte d for Suicide By Cop. Not uncommon I never read any death certificate that listed cause of death as, “Messed up life and poor decisions” – @AceNewsServices

Ace News Services

#AceNewsReport – Feb.13: This is #Brittius News and Views of this post on Sunday CHICAGO: Woman #Killed By Cops Faced Drug Charges, Bankruptcy, Foreclosure Chicago Sun-Times Reported on Sunday – @AceNewsServices
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#Brittius says Emotionally Disturbed Person (EDP) Sounds more like extreme frustration, and the subject opted for Suicide By Cop. Not uncommon.

Ambulance Chasers (lawyers) will probably run to the next of kin or anyone with relationship to the deceased, for civil litigation purposes, because the death certificate reads “homicide”. I never read a death certificate that read, “died of Nothing”. I never read any death certificate that listed cause of death as, “Messed up life and poor decisions”.

At age 55, the subject was not eligible for social security pension, therefore I suspect it was social security disability, and wonder what, if so, was, the disability? Mental? Too much…

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What Wikipedia’s Daily Mail ‘Ban’ Tells Us About The Future Of Online Censorship

Peace and Freedom

By Kalev Leetaru , Forbes CONTRIBUTOR
I write about the broad intersection of data and society.
February 10, 2017

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Wikipedia’s darkened front page protesting US anti-piracy laws in 2012. (PHILIPPE LOPEZ/AFP/Getty Images)

Earlier this week The Guardian reported that Wikipedia editors had voted to “ban” the Daily Mail as a source for the online encyclopedia in all but exceptional circumstances and that the majority of current links to the news outlet would be replaced by links to other outlets. How was this decision made, what kind of data fed into this decision-making process and what does it tell us about the future of censorship and who decides what is “real” on the Internet, especially as social media platforms increasingly play the role of global censor?

When I reached out to the Wikimedia Foundation for comment, they emphasized right at the beginning of…

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There is a full review of Sir Mark Hedley’s book The Modern Judge on Pink Tape, where Lucy Reed explains how the book mysteriously appeared in her hotel room the morning after the Family Law Awards. (Lucy speculates that Sir Mark Hedley donned his robes and snuck it into her room, it is not for me to comment – I bought my copy.)  Lucy gives a full review of the book. Here I have a much more limited task:  I concentrate upon one aspect of the text – how judges find facts.

What is the purpose of a trial or enquiry? Surely it is to get to the truth: that is why we have them”

“Truth is a difficult concept”


There are many posts on this blog that deal with…

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