Coercive Control

Parental Alienation

It was only after doing research on emotional abuse that she discovered a name for what she experienced: Coercive control, a pattern of behavior that some people — usually but not always men — employ to dominate their partners. Coercive control describes an ongoing and multipronged strategy, with tactics that include manipulation, humiliation, isolation, financial abuse, stalking, gaslighting and sometimes physical or sexual abuse.

“The number of abusive behaviors don’t matter so much as the degree,” said Dr. Fontes, the author of “Invisible Chains: Overcoming Coercive Control in Your Intimate Relationship.” “One woman told me her husband didn’t want her to sleep on her back. She had to pack the shopping cart a certain way, wear her clothes a certain way, wash herself in the shower in a certain order.”

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The Authentic Parent

Parental Alienation

The descent into alienation, left me numb and raw
The rug pulled from under me, the crazy lies about me now told by the score
My children stolen and their minds warped, a nightmare started to unfold
I told my kids I loved them, but they looked at me now so cold
The words they said to me were so unkind,
I could hear your voice within them, as clear as day I was not blind

The pain, shock and grief, overwhelmed me completely for a time
I did my best to fight for them, but uphill it was such an impossible climb
If I gained a little foothold in their affection, I was always pushed back with force
I’m sure you wanted me dead…to not exist of course

No matter how I tried to do the right thing
I was always side swiped harder
More lies, belittling, sabotage over…

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Donald Trump or corrupt judge: which one must submit to a mental evaluation?

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IMG_0253Administrator’s note:

As we’ve said here time again, our public messages keep getting proven correct by the day. Today is no different. A story out of Breitbart news chronicles how liberals, socialists and communists, like the ones who joined in that Super Bowl protest, are now calling for a mental evaluation of Donald Trump.(Click Here to Read)

These characters will simply not accept the will of the people in a Democracy which elected Donald Trump only three months ago. In office only one day and he’s greeted by a hoard of vagina fashion models protesting with visible evidence of a demented society.

They are coming more unglued because our new president is actually doing what he was elected to do. These anti-Americans, anxious to bring more of their kind into this country, are now exploiting Trump’s criticism of a “so-called” federal judge in the state of Washington who put…

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Your next social network could pay you for posting – Jelena Dzakula

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moneyYou may well have found this article through Facebook. An algorithm programmed by one of the world’s biggest companies now partially controls what news reaches 1.8 billion people. And this algorithm has come under attack for censorship, political bias and for creating bubbles that prevent people from encountering ideas they don’t already agree with.

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