ANAHEIM, Calif. Fire guts the White House restaurant on Saturday that prepared hot pasta lunches and dinners for underprivileged kids, as part of the owners charity, Caterina’s Club, named after his late moth er who died in 1987 said with tears in his eyes I will carry on – Fantastic Guy – @AceNewsServices

Ace News Services

#AceNewsReport – Feb.06: The owner of a popular Orange County restaurant destroyed by fire vowed to continue his charitable work of serving 2,000 free meals a day to needy children ..

CBS Sacramento reported Nobody was hurt in the blaze early Saturday that gutted the Anaheim White House, an ornate Italian establishment that’s been home to white tablecloth celebrations for decades.

Owner and philanthropist Bruno Serato fought back tears as he surveyed the destruction at the restaurant he took over in 1987.

“This is the saddest day of my life,” he told the Orange County Register. “It’s just like the death of my mom. I’m heartbroken.”

Serato used the White House kitchen to prepare hot pasta lunches and dinners for underprivileged kids, as part of his charity, Caterina’s Club, named for his late mother.

The charity, which earned him a Papal blessing, feeds 2,000 children a day across 15…

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Parent Granted Sole Decision-Making Authority over Children’s Religious Upbringing in Sparta, TN Postdivorce Dispute: Lewis v. Parmerter

Herston on Tennessee Family Law

Facts: Mother and Father are the parents of four children. When they divorced, their agreed parenting plan designated Mother as the primary residential parent and gave both parents joint decision-making authority regarding the children’s religious upbringing.

Although the record is unclear, it appears Father moved to modify the parenting plan in some way (the motion was not included in the record on appeal).

knoxville divorceThe proof revealed extensive conflict over the children’s religious upbringing. Since the divorce, the parties have filed numerous petitions for contempt, orders of protection, and motions to modify the parenting plan arising out of, among other disagreements, the control of their children and their religious beliefs. Much of this conflict centers around Father’s refusal or interference with his children participating in extracurricular activities, such as Scouts, football, and other sports which he claims violates his religious beliefs.

The children’s therapist stated that one child “has become…

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The Gendered Reality of Parental Alienation and Coercive Control

Karen Woodall

Coercive control is a hot topic in the UK at present. Dominated and manipulated by the women’s rights lobby groups as being solely about masculine power in a patriarchal society, we are asked to believe that only men coercively control women.  In a recent paper proposing to amend Practice Direction 12,  statistical evidence from Women’s Aid and other political ideological women’s groups appear to be relied upon and balancing evidence from other groups concerned with childrens needs and the experience of men who suffer violence in the home, appears to have been overlooked. Thus the reality that coercive control is a behaviour which is perpetrated by men AND women, often, in the case of family separation, involving the use of children to further that control, is overlooked.

In cases of parental alienation, where coercive control is the behavioural dynamic underpinning a child’s absolute refusal to countenance a relationship with a…

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NYC: #NYPD: Charge a man with second-degree #murder in the death last August of a jogger in Queens, Detective Ahmed Nasser said Sunday – @AceNewsServices

Ace News Services

#AceNewsReport – Feb.06: Man charged in connection with death of ‘ New York ‘ jogger who was #killed in August after forensic evidence from the victim helped catch the person responsible..

Police followed 250 leads from the public and filed 1,700 investigative reports, said Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce, who called it a “good day for justice in New York City.Chanel Lewis (PHOTO: WPIX)

Chanel Lewis (PHOTO: WPIX)

They looked at arrests, calls to police, and summonses. A 911 call about a suspicious person made back in May led #police to look into Chanel Lewis, 20.

Karina Vetrano (PHOTO: WPIX)

Karina Vetrano (PHOTO: WPIX)

He is charged with #killing Karina Vetrano, 30, in a chance encounter as she was out running near her home. Police said Lewis and Vetrano did not know each other.

DNA evidence links Lewis to the crime scene and to Vetrano, Boyce said.

“Karina helped us identify this person,” Boyce said…

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho. Judge sentenced rapist to five to 15 years in prison, but he suspended the sentence for a one-year rider program as long as he remains celibate he would be released on probation but defence say it imposes on his civil rights – @AceNewsServices

Ace News Services

#AceNewsReport – Feb.06: Idaho judge orders No Sex Ban on man who is convicted of raping a 14-year old girl … But it may impose on his civil rights .. What about the victim does she not have rights ?

An Idaho judge has ordered a 19-year-old man not to have sex with anyone before he marries as part of his sentencing for statutory rape of a 14-year-old girl

KRON4 Judge Randy Stoker sentenced Cody Duane Scott Herrera of Twin Falls to five to 15 years in prison, but he suspended the sentence for a one-year rider program. If the unmarried Herrera completes the program, he’ll be released on probation, which requires celibacy unless he weds. Herrera received the sentence in 5th District Court.

Stoker said the probation condition is needed because Herrera told presentence investigators he’s had 34 sexual partners. “If you’re ever on probation with this…

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