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Dr. Craig Childress: Attachment Based "Parental Alienation" (AB-PA)

I love science.  My wife takes a bestseller novel to the beach to read, I take a book on quantum physics.  I love science.

And in my professional practice I’ve always been an old-school conservative psychologist.  Show me the data.  Scientifically grounded practice. 

And my background in early childhood mental health has grounded me in the neuro-development of the brain – Bowlby; Stern; Tronic; Shore; Fonagy (Fonagy’s work on parental “mentalizing” of the child’s psychological state is wonderful).

I love science, and I love scientifically grounded professional practice.  There is a beauty and elegance to scientifically grounded practice.

When I was supervising interns and post-doctoral fellows as a pediatric psychologist at Children’s Hospital of Orange County, and again when I was supervising interns and post-docs as the Clinical Director for an early childhood assessment and treatment center, I would always hold my trainee’s feet to the fire on diagnosis and…

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The manipulation all started on the very FIRST day you met this Narcissist when you experienced that extreme charm that set you up to fall prey to their abusive lifestyle and become the next target or source of supply – but you believed it was love and that started you out on this horrendous journey with a personality disordered Narcissist.

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Parental Alienation

Will you join in the biggest national annual day of talking about mental health today?

To help kick off Time To Talk Day we have launched a film showing how simple, and important, a first conversation on mental health can be.

In the film Dan and Rich, two paramedics from Blackpool, talk about their life-changing conversation. Watch and share this video today to encourage others to reach out for this first conversation.

This morning Prince Harry met with Dan and Rich, along with staff at a Time to Talk Day event held at the London Ambulance Service to kick start the day of conversations.

If you have a conversation today about mental health, don’t forget to log your conversation at the Time to Change website.

Together we can change the conversation on mental health

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