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IOWA: #Police warn parents about dangerous opioid ‘pink’ that is a growing abuse but America’s opioid epidemic has had the unforeseen side-effect of boosting organ donation numbers – @AceNewsServices

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#AceNewsReport – Feb.03: Opioid abuse is growing across the United States. See how many people it impacts each day Louisville Courier-Journal reported on Thursday …

AMERICA’S OPIOID BATTLEOpioid abuse by the numbers

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AMERICA’S OPIOID BATTLEPolitics of pain: Lobbyists fought opioid limits

The Associated Press and The Center for Public Integrity found makers of prescription painkillers have tried to kill or weaken state measures aimed at stemming the opioid crisis that has cost 165,000 Americans their lives since 2000. (Sept. 19) AP

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AMERICA’S OPIOID BATTLEWATCH: Addicted mothers share their stories of recovery

Mothers who once struggled with opioid addiction share their stories of recovery.

  • Opioid abuse by the numbers
  • Politics of pain: Lobbyists fought opioid limits

A potentially deadly synthetic opioid called “pink” is showing up enough in central Iowa to prompt warnings from local authorities.

Pink is also called U4 or “pinky”…

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PLANO, Texas. Authorities say a 6-year-old boy has died following a North Texas apartment fire that left his mother dead amid allegations she tried to kill him and set the blaze – @AceNewServices

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#AceNewsReport – Feb.03: Boy dies following suspicious Plano fire after mother died at hospital on Monday child found with throat cut …

Court documents released Thursday indicate Plano #police were initially investigating Monday afternoon’s fire at the Village of Preston Creek Apartments on Preston Road as arson and attempted murder.

When #police and fire officials arrived, they found the apartment full of smoke from a lit stove, and fires started in every room.

Officer David Tilley says the boy died Wednesday night at Parkland Memorial Hospital. The Dallas County Medical Examiner’s Office says a cause of death was pending Thursday for the son, Mounesh Lakshmigari.

A police affidavit says the mother, 30-year-old Santhia Lakshmigari, was the suspect in the fire in which she and her son suffered severe burns, plus the child’s throat was cut and he had a skull fracture.

The mother died at a hospital on Monday.


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On-line divorce scheme: an update…


Users to be recruited for on-line divorce system

At the end of January a practice direction was added to Family Procedure Rules 2010, namely FPR 2010 PD36D – Pilot Scheme: procedure for using an online system to generate applications in certain proceedings for a matrimonial order. PD36D does what it says in the title; but it was not clear how to gain access to the new scheme. This has been explained by HMCTS.

After publication of PD36D inquiries were made of Ministry of Justice and of Family Procedure Rules Committee. These inquiries elicited the response that HMCTS are in the first phase of the pilot. Potential users of the new scheme will be personally invited to use the system and given access following a screening process at the pilot site. Therefore, at this stage in the pilot, access to the pilot is controlled whilst HMCTS build confidence in the…

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CHICAGO: The City of Chicago is being sued for prohibiting advertising in ridesharing vehicles, such as those from Uber or Lyft in a lawsuit filed for and on behalf by Vugo – @AceNewsServices

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#AceNewsReport – Feb.03: Chicago sued for prohibiting video ads in Uber and Lyft cars … Lawsuit filed on behalf of Vugo

The lawsuit is filed on behalf of Vugo, a company that wants to put targeted video ads in ridesharing cars. Jeffrey Schwab, staff attorney for the Liberty Justice Center, said there is no good reason to prohibit advertising in those vehicles.

“There’s no difference between ridesharing and taxis that justifies banning commercial advertising in one, while allowing it in the other,” he said.

The city ordinance being challenged makes a distinction between commercial taxis and rideshare vehicles, which are mostly privately owned. Schwab argues that’s unconstitutional.

Vugo CEO Rob Flessner said drivers with his targeted video ads make 60 percent of all ad revenue within the cars. He even cited an example of a promotion his company is doing on the west coast.

“We’re running a guaranteed promotion in…

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BRITAIN,NI. 03/01/17: 17:03: UK Royal Marine Maxwell Pleads Guilty to Northern Ireland-Related Separatist Terrorism Offenses – Reports – #AceNewsDesk reports – @AceNewsServices

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#AceNewsReport – Feb.03: Royal Marine Maxwell pleads guilty to terror charge of #bomb making and storing weapons ..
_93947435_maxwellmet.jpgCiarán Maxwell admits making bombs and storing weapons for a Northern Ireland-related attack.

A Royal Marine from Northern Ireland has pleaded guilty to offences related to dissident republican terrorism, including bomb-making and storing weapons.

Ciarán Maxwell, 31, appeared via video link at the Old Bailey in London.

He was arrested in Somerset last August after the the discovery of two dissident republican arms dumps near Larne, County Antrim.

He also pleaded guilty to drugs and fraud charges.

BBC News Northern Ireland reported

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BRITAIN: Ex-Sheffield City Council boss Roger Dodds jailed for 16-years for indecent assault on four men whilst working in the education department – @AceNewsServices

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#AceNewsReport – Feb.03: A former Sheffield City Council boss has been jailed for 16 years for indecently assaulting four men
_93947422_rogerdodds.pngThe local authority boss was moved to a position working with schools after complaints.

Roger Dodds, 81, who worked in the education department, sexually abused the men while working for the local authority between 1953 and 1993.

The council has been accused of failing to act and moved Dodds to a position working with schools after complaints. It said it was now “deeply sorry“.

In December Dodds admitted four counts of indecent assault.

He also pleaded guilty to a separate charge of indecent assault of a young boy.

BBC NEWS reported on Thursday

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