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Know the Real “Law” in Family Court: It’s Parents vs Lawyers

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This will be a personal message to my thousands of followers. If it’s okay with you guys, I kinda think of you as family. Whatever differences we may have, we’re on the same team like it or not. Injustices tend to do that. But take heart, it’s an American team. Kindly let me explain. This may benefit you more than you know.

In recent days, I’ve received a flurry of calls from parents devastated by their experiences in family court. Nearly all were women, split evenly between moms and relatives. Their stories had a particularly devastating impact on me because I am a victim as well and can relate to your pain (unlike the lawyers you pay so much for). You cannot imagine being invited into so…

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All women are slags

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Parental Alienation

Natural Born Liars

A insight to what goes on behind closed doors during Parental Alienation

A story based on true facts during a battle which has lasted over 27 years and continues up until this day.

These are not from memories 27 years later, the events were contemporaneously scripted at the time and have been stored for reference.

All names have been changed to protect the identity of the persons involved.

A snippet from the new book titled #NaturalBornLiars ©Linda Turner

All women are slags

In Krams world all women are slags, mothers, daughters, girlfriends, wives and grandmothers. The word was often used in his families household.

Most intelligent women could see Kram for the fake he really was, but if they did not succumb to his narcissistic charms they would be labelled “Slag”.

One day May and her friend in all their innocence at the age of twelve, decided to…

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I haven’t seen my grandchildren for SEVEN years – ITV This morning

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Parental Alienation

It’s often said that becoming a grandparent is like finding a new lease of life, but over a million people in the UK are currently being denied access to their grandchildren, with little power to do anything about it.

During today’s phone-in, grandmother ‘Tina’ asked for advice from agony aunt Deidre Sanders and family lawyer Vanessa Lloyd Platt.

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Parental Alienation -where to go?


Parental Alienation

We have tried lobbying, we have tried petitions, we have tried writing to MP’s, social services are overrun and dont have the expertise to deal  with Parental Alienation.

So where do we go??

If you are concerned about a child or grandchild I have compiled a list of websites to look at and people to write to.

We should collectively write to the appropriate place  when dealing with Parental Alienation, it is an emotional child abuse issue and should be dealt with by:-

We’re Mind, the mental health charity

We won’t give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets support and respect.



Time to change

New figures, released today, reveal the devastating impact of stigma faced by those of us with a mental health problem. Results from the biggest UK…




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