Greek police revealed 1000 Greek pedophiles watching rape……….


The truth about the paidophilous (from member sygapa goneas)
Lately, we hear about pedophiles but few of us but the experts know their characteristics and the difference between a pedophile and a father who loves his children. Very easy to confuse the judges and in case of divorce, they can’t recognize a false complaint of vengeful mother, the view of her personality (likely the same to be pedophile) and the lawyer who support to make such a complaint that stems from Jealous of the love of the child to the father. Give the main features of these two scenarios in order to clarify the landscape and easily identifiable two elements: Pedophile, it is customary to call him or her that wants sexually an underage. The law, discern this and different ages for the physical and mental age of a child. Since Antiquity, but there was this issue with different versions. Modern societies pub (such as the Greek), through the media and the political / power show maximising the point, where and when they want to distract the society and give responsibility elsewhere and not on those responsible: Pedophilia is directly connected With Power and money. Turned out to be not that many who govern us are deep in this perversion. Besides the fact that the media has great commercialism when dealing with sex and child. Therefore, there is a big audience. The Judge Lady Maria Margarítē complained that magistrates had turned the courthouse in space child prostitution and even gave names such as the da angel kamēlárē, etc. The result was to oust from the body. Also denounced the lawyer thessaloniki chrysafis bouroutzḗs that had excessive interest for the mother of underage children out of wedlock and did everything to have influence. Yes he did not hesitate to do and attempted to their father to intimidate him. The File (coincidentally? ) had da angel kamēlárēs who stuffed in a drawer for years so as to the offence. No compensation to the victim asked, rejected the regimen for ridiculous reasons, three women judges. From the elements, well, shows a coverup of the circuit. Pedophiles are looking where they will have no control: institutions, children out of wedlock, divorces, outer-third world where money can satisfy their desires. Anomalous Abroad, there have been serious studies about pedophilia lawyers-court associated with other power centres (politicians, church, etc). Of course every generalization, it would be unfair for all of the good judges are not raised and that (ups) in legally called aiding and abetting. According to university research at a rate of 66 %, of paedophiles, belong to the family environment of their victims. Have a sense of vengeance towards society. In many cases it turns out that the pedophile knows the kid through school by some extracurricular activity’s neighbor, teacher, coach or even baby-sitter! Extra ” family members as fathers, mothers, grandparents, uncles, cousins or adoptive parents have proven to have experienced such monstrous behaviour “. through the process described by the term ” International ” Grooming / pedophile trying to win Image result for greek flagConfidence not only of the child, but many times and in the case of parent, of course, moving in the child’s environment. Fact is absolute rules cannot exist except one: ‘ always hear what they have to tell us our children and we always watch behind… their words “. Greek police revealed 1000 Greek pedophiles watching rape Children less than 8 years: operation ” Zeppelin ” against paedophiles, consists of 24 scientists – hacking of computer crimes monitor 24 hours booking exchanges files via the ” modern ” YPERÓPLOU CPS ( Child Protection System). Education Minister, recently discovered (! ) there are pedophiles professors. Judges & prosecutors, still have not discovered anything except accept serial complaints that mothers-grandmothers father allegedly molested the child! ) mainly to divorce!!! Abroad: Nambla is an organisation that works in the us, fighting in favour of paedophilia and child abuse. Watch Video: legalized in Holland, the party of paedophile (Pnvd) from the local court! Following the judgment of the district court in the Hague, which is based on freedom of expression, and not banned, since its inception, the Dutch government officially recognized the newly formed party of paedophile (Pnvd). Main objectives is the legitimacy of sexual contact between adults and children from 12 years and the legitimacy of possession of child pornography for personal use in this case, the freedom of expression has worked against the rights of children. And it’s very strange how even court (we) legalized those criminals….. O Gardner when studied p.a.s (parental alienation syndrom) noted that narkisístries mothers who envy the excellent relationship child dad, falsely accused of sexual harassment – abuse to cut off contact father-child. Meanwhile, brainwashed and programmed with slander, blocking communication and other judicial ways make enemies children with father. Of course, the results are tragic for the future of these children. In Greece, there are approximately 500.000 children who have this parental alienation-Estrangement (P.A.S). So destroyed a generation of children, a society. Not politicians, not the judiciary want to curb the phenomenon because there and within them and already have excellent relations links between them. The smile of the child and other organisations and individuals, are well aware, but also remain silent….
This is our country with those who possess power. Can’t ever saved…….

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Law High Court Judges Court Orders Helpless before City Financier Ex-Husband’s Asset Stripping Divorce Project & Aggressive Strategies

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No Relief from Default Judgment in Murfreesboro, TN Custody Dispute: In re I.G.

Herston on Tennessee Family Law

Facts: Mother and Father are the parents of Child. They entered an agreed parenting plan designating Mother as the primary residential parent and granting Father 74 days of parenting time.

A few years later, Mother petitioned for an ex parte restraining order and modification of the parenting plan because Father had incurred criminal charges for illegal drugs and, she asserted, exhibited increasingly threatening and addictive behaviors.

A temporary ex parterestraining order was entered that prevented Father from contacting Mother or Child.

A hearing occurred shortly thereafter, where Father appeared without counsel and was personally served with the petition and ex parte restraining order. The trial court granted Father visitation with Child so long as Child’s paternal grandmother was present to supervise.

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Master of deception, trickery and lies

Parental Alienation

Kram, Kram the working man, drives around in a dirty van

Master of deception, trickery and lies, wears a suit and a smile as a form of disguise

The son-in-law loves his wife- but has lost his family.

He may lose his mind just to keep his sanity

Many stories and tales have been fabricated so Uncles, Aunties and cousins have been annihilated.

What a very sad person the alienator must be, if only keeps his children by cutting out family

No more lies and no more manipulation, its time to move on and change this situation.

My children are adults and know the truth, an eye for and eye and a tooth for a tooth.


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Dr. Craig Childress: Attachment Based "Parental Alienation" (AB-PA)

I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the amazing work of two parents, Howie Dennison and Susan Remus, for their work in fighting for children.

APA Advocacy

Howie is one among a group of capable advocate-parents who are leading the fight to have the pathology of “parental alienation” (AB-PA) acknowledged and addressed by the American Psychological Association.  This includes advocating with the APA for a change in their position statement on “parental alienation” (Position Statement on PAS), and for the APA to convene a high-level conference of experts in attachment theory, personality disorder pathology, family systems therapy, and childhood trauma, leading to a white paper on the issue of attachment-related pathology surrounding high-conflict divorce (“parental alienation”).

Howie has written a professionally well-referenced e-book that accurately chastises the American Psychological Association for not formally recognizing the pathology of “parental alienation.

The APA and the Mental Health Child Abuse…

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Parental Alienation

A grandparent is talking with their grandchild and says there are two wolves inside of us which are always at war with each other. One of them represents things like peace, bravery, and love. The other represents things like upset, despair, and fear. The grandchild stops and thinks about it for a second. The grandchild asks, ‘Which one wins?’ The grandparent quietly replies, ‘The one you feed.’” – Parable of Two Wolves

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