BuzzFeed’s Nasty Nazi Rhetoric: ‘37 Things White People Need To Stop Ruining In 2018’ article


This is an evil article.  Written by a person with a lot of hate in his heart.  Not all whites started out with a good life – remember Ireland’s potato famine.

So, while I have never really heard of Buzzfeed, I get the impression it is a BLM publication and racist. JLM perhaps or ALM except white ones.

Chip Baskets 
I really hope they keep up with their “hate yt” campaign.
It just shows the normies how crazy the libtards are.

White people died by the thousands for equality in America. Without white people’s help. my ancestors would still be stuck in countries run by dictators. Buzzfeed can kma.

NYY32311 – > Miles Tugo 
Someone else’s inferiority complex does not, and never will, make me a racist.

GW:  Well who’s been ruining South Africa since the end of Apartheid then?

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(LONDON) Foreign aid of £13-billion to be increased by £21-million and to be shifted to support UK policy, after #Brexit Johnson says & funds will be used to support Yemen & Rohingya Muslims providing funds to Africa to combat terrorists #AceNewsDesk reports

Ace News Services

#AceNewsReport – Dec.31: The UK’s aid budget will be shifted to projects that promote its interests, the foreign secretary has said: Boris Johnson said the money will be “more sensibly distributed” to support foreign policy aims such as denying safe havens to Islamist terrorists #AceNewsDesk reports

Money will now support aims such as denying safe havens to Islamist terrorists, Boris Johnson says BBC His comments came as Penny Mordaunt, the international development secretary, said the UK will provide a £21m boost to an emergency aid fund……..The UK currently spends £13bn on aid each year……….Speaking to the Times newspaper, Mr Johnson said “the old jam jars are being smashed” and money would be diverted to combating terrorists in Africa……..It would also go to help refugees in Yemen and Rohingya Muslims fleeing across the Burmese border into Bangladesh, he said………The government is committed to spending 0.7% of national income…

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Tories back foreign aid budget reforms vowing ‘old jam jars are being SMASHED’


”Presently the UK must give the European Union £1.5billion to spend on whatever international projects it choses, even if it is against Britain’s wishes.

He said: “We are 25 per cent of EU aid spending. We’re a massive player in these things.

“In spite of our bulk and our overseas aid projection, we never got the influence in the European Commission that we needed.

“Our numbers went down and down and down, of senior officials in the commission. That was a real mistake over 20 or 30 years. Now we’re going to do things differently.”

EU aid that the UK has been forced to fund has included paying for yoga classes in India and juggling lessons in Tanzania.

It has also been revealed that UK aid to corrupt countries has risen by 10 per cent since 2015 as almost £1.39billion was sent to the world’s 20 largest…

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(WORCESTER, U.K.) West Mercia Police Report: Public Appeal: for help after detectives investigating death of Julie Fox release CCTV pictures taken shortly before her death that is being treated as murder #AceNewsDesk reports

Ace News Services

#AceNewsReport – Dec.31: Police investigating the death of 51 year-old Julie Fox from Worcester have released CCTV images of her taken shortly before she died: #AceNewsDesk reports

Police investigating the death of 51 year-old Julie Fox from Worcester have released CCTV images of her taken shortly before she died
Julie Fox 1

Julie was last seen by her carer at her home in Carnforth Drive, Worcester at around 7pm on Friday 22 December. Emergency services were called to the address shortly before 6.50pm on Wednesday (27 December) where they found Julie’s body…….A post mortem established that she died from a head injury. Her death is being treated as murder.

Julie Fox 2

Officers continue to appeal for anyone who knew Julie, saw her recently or recognises her from the released images, to contact police……….Detective Superintendent Adrian McGee said: “This is a recent CCTV image of Julie; however, we are continuing to look through CCTV from…

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