Another dismal recent example of the failure of the children’s aid society

for your convenience the brainsyntax application attached this email in a pdf for offline viewing and distribution

Attached, please find a letter addressed to Premier Wynne from Canada Court Watch regarding yet another dismal failure of the children’s aid society system in Ontario. This letter is based on video recorded interviews with two children on November 27, 2016. Children in the province of Ontario continue to be abused based on the incompetence and criminal activities of many UNREGISTERED CAS workers in Ontario as well as workers from the Ontario Office of the Children’s Lawyer.

Please take a moment to read this letter to the Premier to better understand how the use of video recording technology by CAS workers will improve the outcomes of many families and save the Province of Ontario tens of millions of dollars annually. Video recording of children during child protection investigations must be made the law in Ontario.

Its time to stop of abuse of children caused by CAS workers fabricating false information from “secret” interviews with children and parents.

Yours truly

Mr. Vernon Beck
Child and Family Justice Advocate, Canada Court Watch


Below is a handwritten note recently smuggled out of a foster home from a teen crying out to Canada Court Watch for help to get out of CAS. The teen reports that he was forced to lie by the CAS worker and that the CAS workers will not allow him to speak the truth.

This teen who is in foster care is not allowed to use the phone or to use the internet and is basically being detained against his will by the CAS to prevent him from speaking up about abuse by the CAS. Names have been edited.

Review the attachment(s) online: PDF





Access the originating page here:


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