It’s About Resources NOT Racism!

As my Track record on Facebook will show as well as other social media activity I have spent many years fighting for Social Justice ,  from Family Court and later in all aspects of justice around the world.I am not racist in any aspect of life rather I sign up to Live and Let Live and above all in PEACE!

There is only one RACE the human Race and that is a RACE we all need to WIN!

Politician’s will not talk honestly about the EU referendum as it takes them into this forbidden territory but the facts are that the UK has not the resources to provide a free health care and benefits to the whole of mainland Europe let alone borders beyond, and past immigration has put a drain on these resources whilst funds have been  HAEMORRHAGING   out of the Bank of England to fund the misdirected experiment

Blood hemerageing from UK photo: Blood blobar.gif administered in Frankfurt and Brussels. Pensioners are being put to the back of the line for medical care they have paid into for over decades including many much needed immigrants that  provided essential services post World War Two. We would also be in a better position to deal with genuine asylum seekers .


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