Narey To Give Evidence To Children’s Residential Care Inquiry

Researching Reform

On 16th December last year, The Education Committee launched an Inquiry into the Narey Review of Children’s Residential Care, which has been designed to help shape and develop the Review.

The next meeting will be with Sir Martin Narey himself, and will take place on 27th January, 2016 at 10.15am. This will be a one-off evidence session. 

Parliament’s website tells us that the Inquiry has been set up to work out the scope, focus and conduct of the Narey Review, and as such asked to hear from:

  • People who had worked in children’s homes or other residential care settings, and
  • Young people with experience of residential care placements.

The Review itself aims to explore the role of children’s homes when it comes to placement, what works, what could be improved within residential care and generally what might help to make things better for children in care.

Whilst the deadline for submitting…

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Family Justice Worldwide Betrays Good Parents

But Who Cares?

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All courts in all countries should have cameras recording proceedings. I am fighting to stop the judicial doctoring of court transcripts in Australia and have been for four years. My young daughter and I were attacked so viciously we were nearly killed, due to a court recording of my hearing being doctored. To see more on what the judiciary get up to, in Australia and internationally, go to the Facebook page ‘Australians against Courts Doctoring Court Recordings’

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Promoting Humane Social Work With Families: Conference

Researching Reform

A progressive conference hosted by Kings College in London this February, will look to identify and examine social work practices which are humane, with a view to improving services generally.

The conference will take place on Friday 19th February, 2016 from 10am-4pm. The venue is King’s College London, Denmark Hill Campus, London, SE5.

That we need a conference like this at all highlights the terrible state of things – after all, social work is supposed to be about supportive, humane delivery of services for vulnerable families, but this event is a welcome addition to a growing body of work and cultural shifts within the sector which identify the importance of compassion and good communication in its work.

This conference has been put together by The British Association of Social Workers (BASW), Making Research Count (MRC) and the three Faculties (Children and Families, Mental Health and Adults) of the former…

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London Live Interview On Housing For Single Dads With DadsHouse & Researching Reform

Researching Reform

This afternoon, London Live very kindly invited DadsHouse founder Billy McGranaghan and Researching Reform to discuss DadsHouse’s pioneering housing project for single fathers, which is the first of its kind in Europe.

During the interview, Billy talked about the project and why it’s vital to ensuring dads can get back up on their feet and maintain relationships with their family, especially their children. Researching Reform spoke about the policy in this area and why the government should welcome DadsHouse’s initiative as a significant step towards Prime Minister David Cameron’s pledge this month to keep families together wherever possible.

Both Billy and Researching Reform enjoyed being at the studio and would like to thank  presenter Anthony Baxter for his brilliant questions and for the lovely photo we have which was taken after the interview. Researching Reform would also like to thank the production assistant who cleverly managed to find a…

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DadsHouse & Researching Reform Discuss Housing For Single Dads on London Live Tomorrow

Researching Reform

As the first organisation in Europe to provide accommodation for single fathers, DadsHouse has pioneered support for dads, and through its tireless work, won support across the country from celebrities to family charities.

On Friday 15th January, 2016, DadsHouse founder Billy McGranaghan will be talking to London Live about his work, his latest project to house single fathers and why housing is so important, not just for dads but for their children, too. Researching Reform, which works as a consultant to DadsHouse, will be joining Billy on Friday, to discuss the significance of the project and its importance in keeping families together.

The interview is set for 12.50pm on London Live. If you’d like to watch it, you can do so here, or  via their YouTube channel. London Live can also be accessed on Freeview 8, Sky 117, Virgin 159 and YouView 8.


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Department For Education: Social Workers Are Poorly Trained & Not Ready For Practice

Researching Reform

Another bug bear here at Researching Reform is the lack of robust training for social workers, who are tasked with working on some of the most complex social and psychological difficulties in the world, and now it seems, the Department for Education agrees with us.

In a memorandum the Department submitted to Parliament’s Education Committee, key concerns surrounding the effectiveness of children’s social work reform agenda were highlighted, including the view that too often social workers were poorly trained and not ready for frontline practice.

Other problems identified in the memorandum were the defensive nature of social work practice and an inability to provide innovative and confident practice leadership locally.

That a lack of resources, low morale and high turnover rates were also mentioned is significant – these obstacles to good practice not only have an effect on the way families are treated but directly impact on the culture inside the system…

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