Department For Education: Social Workers Are Poorly Trained & Not Ready For Practice

Researching Reform

Another bug bear here at Researching Reform is the lack of robust training for social workers, who are tasked with working on some of the most complex social and psychological difficulties in the world, and now it seems, the Department for Education agrees with us.

In a memorandum the Department submitted to Parliament’s Education Committee, key concerns surrounding the effectiveness of children’s social work reform agenda were highlighted, including the view that too often social workers were poorly trained and not ready for frontline practice.

Other problems identified in the memorandum were the defensive nature of social work practice and an inability to provide innovative and confident practice leadership locally.

That a lack of resources, low morale and high turnover rates were also mentioned is significant – these obstacles to good practice not only have an effect on the way families are treated but directly impact on the culture inside the system…

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Pride of Britain award for justice campaign!

Pride of Britain award for justice campaign!

The award recognised the families courageous campaign and almost 25 year long fight for justice for the 96 Liverpool fans who died in the tragedy.


NO JAIL FOR LOVING YOUR KIDS !! Three parents have been arrested please ring up and check on there welfare