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Privacy Advocates Against Microsoft’s Backup of User Encryption Keys

Peace and Freedom

ByJon MartindaleDecember 30, 2015
Digital Trends

In the climate of government spying, and the ever present threat from nefarious hackers, encryption is a hot topic. Politicians don’t like it, privacy campaigners claim it’s a must, and end users are left worried about who to trust. Microsoft aimed to help make that decision easy with Windows 10 by having certain content, like corporate apps, emails and other sensitive data, encrypted by default.

You might know about this if you tuned in to some of Microsoft’s pre-release PR for the new operating system, but what you probably didn’t know is that Microsoft created a backup key (should you lose your password to decrypt the data), which it then stores remotely on its own servers.

This may well be a feature that was put in place to help protect those that might not otherwise have their decryption key stored safely.

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UK flooding: Syrian refugees help build flood defences near Manchester ‘to give something back’

Peace and Freedom

A group of Syrian men have been filling sandbags in Littleborough, near Rochdale

By Lizzie Dearden
he Independent

Local volunteers fill sandbags to stem flood water in York city centre on 28 December 2015 EPA

Syrian refugees have been helping to build flood defences to “give back” to the communities who have welcomed them in Manchester.

They were among volunteers filling sandbags in Littleborough on Tuesday after hundreds of homes were flooded when the River Roch burst its banks.

Yasser al-Jassem, who reached Europe through Greece and was smuggled into the UK in a lorry from Calais, said he had seen images of the devastation on television and wanted to help.


“As Syrian refugees, we are honoured to take…

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