Old Girls at £34,000-a-year Roedean say they don’t want boys admitted after head threatened to overturn centuries of tradition at single-sex school


Merry Christmas to all the FTM readers!

Follow The Money



its that time again..i swear the years go quicker and quicker..best wishes to all the readers on the blog and my acquaintances online..i am so thankful to them for their wonderful input on here!

we are a collective that only seeks to identify truth..not all of us have the same opinions or ideas and we sometimes argue..but the one thing we ALL agree on and know is this: Follow The Money

have a great day on the 25th and during the holiday season..spend as much time as you can with family and close friends..peace..


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Humblebrag thanks


The blog just clocked up a quarter of a million visitors for the year , which is about a fifth more than last year

[And if


is accurate,  I get about half as many visitors a month as a copy of GQ magazine sells in a month. So if you are Rolex, Aston-Martin or Armani and you want to place some adverts, I’m willing to think about it ]

Given that when I started it in February 2012, I wasn’t sure whether anyone would ever read it (and for about 2 months that was a fairly accurate prediction), and whether I would run out of stuff to say very quickly  (nearly 800 posts later, it turns out not), that’s a very pleasant surprise.

Thank you very much to everyone who has come to the website, I hope you’ve found something of use, or something of interest, something that has helped…

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