Angie publishes ‘poison-pen’ letters

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Well, that was a bit of a let-down, to be honest. As promised/threatened, Angela Fag-Ash Disney has published the ‘poison-pen’ letters she claims were sent to her from Hoaxtead Research.

Source: Angie publishes ‘poison-pen’ letters

For many months, I had brief conversations with Angela Power Disney, in a couple of groups, on the Fake Hampstead Case.

Each time, she was extremely dismissive of my comments, where i pointed  out the harm being done, the lies told, each time met with, a:’ there is no point in discussion, I know it’s true ! ‘, response from Angela.

I was incredulous, when she disregarded any effect that Abe’s torture of the two children might have had,  and disbelieving when said she had never heard of me.

When I pointed out a few things, that might help her to realise that i had good reason and experience from which to speak, she sneered…

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Project: Bring LoveForLife Site DOWN!

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The site LoveForLife has been engaging in illegal activities surrounding the Hampstead SRA case. UK court has ruled that revealing the identities of Ricky Dearman’s children is illegal.

Source: Project: Bring LoveForLife Site DOWN!

Please Help, Share so this can be removed.

Well done to the Hoaxtead Research Team, still the best blog for collated, up to date information on the case.

Well done, to this wonderful person, who has expended the time, to put some more tools for us to take action, with.

So that the people, effectively working towards real change, can be unimpeded by these hoaxers, fakes, scammers, liars, fools and time wasters……But most importantly, to prevent further harm to the two innocent children at the centre of this devasting campaign, and the innocent residents of hampstead and so their children, can also be allowed to live in peace.

It would also be nice, if the slurs…

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