Spare a thought for alienators,the alienated and children, grandchildren and adult victims of alienation

Parental Alienation

ALIENATORS– spare a thought for the tragic, sad vengeful life of the the alienator this Christmas. They spend their whole life being bitter and twisted. They need professional help but will probably never ever seek it. They will be in a dark place with their warped view of life this Christmas.

images2ALIENATED– we are the lucky ones!! We have our sanity, we have empathy, we are able to feel love and warmth for people. We all have the strength and courage to have come this far! But most important of all, we have our happy memories of our children before the alienation, which we are able to draw upon this Christmas. No one can ever take these memories away from us, they are still our children and always will be. Not even an alienator can change that.
CHILDREN/GRANDCHILDREN/GROWN UP CHILDREN– they are the innocent victims. They are the…

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Appeal due to ‘incompetent’ representation (appeal refused)


I think we’re all familiar from American movies and TV shows with the concept that you can overturn the result of a legal case if your representation was so poor that it resulted in a mistrial. It’s actually very rare in England. This is a criminal case where the person convicted of his wife’s murder sought to appeal on exactly that basis.

I’d best make it clear from the outset that the Court of Appeal decided that the representation was not sufficiently incompetent to make the conviction unsafe, but they did have quite a lot to say about it and suggested that the Bar Standards Board take a look at the case. I will absolutely stress that as a result, the Court of Appeal have made NO findings about Mr Wolkind QC’s conduct or competency, and the Bar Standards Board have not even considered the case yet. So I am…

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The ISIS flag is apparently not a red flag


The President has published his judgment in one of the “are parents taking children to join up with ISIS?” cases

This one he has previously given judgment on, and ruled that at an interim stage the children should return home to parents with the parents wearing electronic tags. The mother, and two other adult relatives, were arrested when attempting to board a flight to Turkey with their four children.

This one is the fact finding hearing, as to what the mother’s motivation was.

Re X (Children) (No3) 2015

First, let me recount the mother’s position at previous hearings  (underlining mine for emphasis)

  1. The mother’s case
  2. An order made by Peter Jackson J on 22 April 2015 recorded the mother’s position as follows:

    “The mother disputes that the threshold criteria is crossed. She says that she was intending to travel to Turkey with the children for the purposes of…

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