Is It Time To Just Let Go?

Breaking Sarah - Bruised, Not Broken

So much happened over my weekend that I am not sure what to write about first. I guess I can just start with this post and see where it goes.

Saturday morning – I woke up but stayed cozy in bed for a while since it was pouring rain outside. I took my phone and scrolled through friends’ posts on Facebook. I came across one that immediately caught my eye – my son’s father had posted a picture of my son with his grandpa, and he wrote that his father (my son’s grandpa) had passed away the day before. I laid there in a little bit of shock, and if not shock maybe more surprise – awe hell, not even that – it was more a feeling of… figures!

It figures that I would find out that my son’s grandpa died through a post on friggen Facebook, not even a private message…

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Lessons I Learnt – 4 (Justice and Revenge)


Justice is a conscience not a personal conscience but the conscience of the whole of Humanity.

– Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Whenever someone’s hope or wish is not fulfilled due to occurrence or non-occurrence of an event then the person gets angry and hurt. Then we decide to punish the person who has hurt us but is it necessary that non-fulfillment of our wish or hope a result of someone else’s fault?

There can be many reasons for such non-fulfillment. Some of them may not be fulfilled either due to fate or circumstances. Sometimes nature of our wishes or expectations itself is such that they cannot be fulfilled.

Without giving it a deep thought and understanding the circumstances acknowledging someone as guilty isn’t justice but revenge. The very basis of justice is sympathy, understanding and mercy. While the basis of revenge is anger and arrogance.

It is rightly said, two wrongs…

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Models on the move

Dambusters Blog

IMG_10371_zpsmmekupri loresPic: © Sean1552

An alert aviation buff called Sean in Wellington, New Zealand, spotted some interesting activity back in October near his workplace. Writing on the Wings over New Zealand forum, he reported: “The rumors that five Lancaster’s were / are stored next to where I work have now proven to be true, as over the last few days I have seen three truckloads of Lancaster parts being put back into storage. These included wings, and engines and other big parts. The trucks were uncovered, so they were not trying to hide anything. Have no idea where they came from but I am guessing Masterton, as that was where there were seen last. Not sure if this means they are going back into storage as there is no further need for them (no film), or they may have finished some filming…. hopefully someone here might know. I know Peter…

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#UK’s #Straw Trying to ‘Re-Write History’ Over British #Rendition Complicity!

| truthaholics

UK’s Straw Trying to ‘Re-Write History’ Over British Rendition Complicity ~ SPUTNIK, 15 DEC 2015.

As debate rages on about former British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s knowledge of alleged UK complicity in the US’ post 9/11 rendition and torture program, former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has been accused of trying to “re-write history” over his knowledge or British involvement in the scheme.

Following the release of British resident Shaker Aamer from Guantanamo Bay after being held for 14 years without charge, there has been a recent push for former top British government officials to come clean on what they knew about Washington’s rendition amid claims of alleged complicity.In response to the allegations, Straw, who served as foreign secretary in Tony Blair’s government between 2001 and 2006, said “the British government never condoned, nor was complicit, in the torture or ill-treatment of detainees, wherever they were held.”

However, critics have claimed that…

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I am so sorry everyone…


I am so sorry that we have not approved your comments for a while now. I am going through them and reading, trying to reply to some but I just can’t do it all in one night. I will be working on these a little each day. Again, so sorry for your family going through the horrific experience of “legal kidnapping” by your state and those nasty CPS baby-stealers. Thank you everyone, for visiting our site, learning our story and sharing yours.

To the lawyers who visit our site: THANK YOU!!! If you want to be listed and have a link to your website or if you have any other links that would help our viewers that I could put on our side column, please email me at:

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