Do I continue to deal with the Children’s Aid Society or ask them to leave next time they show up?

I have recently became A ‘victim’ to the (CAS) the Children’s Aid Society in family law court. I have been trying for 7 months now to investigate why my 12 year old son no longer wants to come to me on a weekend?

Most times he is not wanted to go home so this really boggles me. This is whent I asked CAS to step in and help. In the meanwhile I have been trying to orchestrate and supervise the exchanges but the other party is unwilling.

I had requested my original court order from 2007 but the courthouse was unable to locate it for about 4 months. I could seek the assistance of legal aid until I had obtained the order.

In the meanwhile I went out west for work. This was in the month of June. I had my current girlfriend make arrangements with the fathers of her kids (being 3 total ) so she too could join me out west for employment purposes. She had been gone about a month and a half and we returned home at the end of august.

Her ex had filed for temporary custody.

She now has acces on every other weekend at his conveinence while she still has the little brother at home ….while out west I had spoke with CAS agent allegedly ordered a threat indirectly to my ex an her current partner.

I then had a Canada wide warrant.

I kept in contact with the investigating officer and CAS letting them know my whereabouts and keeping them updated the whole time.

The information that I release to them was then released to my current girlfriends ex partners.

I found this to be rather confusing, now that I have been home and have served 18 days presentence time served for uttering a threat ,my criminal lawyer charge me almost $1000 to stand up and say I’m guilty when I thought legal aid had given him a certificate. Then furthermore what was spoken about in the courtroom that day was published in the local newspaper describing all details of the probation orders. Now visits with the CAS have occurred at my current girlfriends residents. CAS is wanting me to be supervised by my girlfriend around her children at the father’s orders…

I ask the worker if the same simulations applied for my children and she answered me now.

I asked her if that made any sense and she managed to just babble her way around the fact they say due to the nature of the crime. I’ve been doing a lot of research online over the last little while and it feels like that the men try harder get pushed back further.

It seems like the family court systemis great for parents who don’t give a s*** . I’ve pretty much lost all faith and what goes on around here. There’s gotta be somebody can help do something to change this system that is corrupt.


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Hi there I’m fairly new to the whole CAS system.recently I’ve been involved. I have done some research only to confirm I’m fighting a losing battle with them and family court law.
I am no stranger to being put through “the ringer” .

anyways. I’m wondering if you our you would know someone who i could talk to about my situation because i feel as though i am being ‘ targeted ‘.

I have recently served a free sentence of 18 days for a enduring threat indirectly to my ex through a cas worker..I was being denied access and have been since April of this year. CAS had already been involved due to her girls lying about me hitting them at the time they were staying with me. It has now snowballed out of control. we both went west for the summer and come back the end of August to me being arrested off the plane and her ex had filed for temporary custody. Now they want me to be supervised around her kids by my girlfriend. Not even for my own kids do i have this stipulation. .. there’s no court order saying so. ..

My question: Do I continue to deal with them or ask them to leave next time they show up?

Thank you for your time.

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