Barristers money for their firms for hurting our children and alienating the parents

The lawyers are all in the racketeering ring criminal organization called the law societies …, two Alienated Fathers speak openly about the corrupt Family Law System in Sault Ste Marie Algoma, saying “I live in fear for the safety of my children every day. I fear of receiving the phone call all alienated parents fear getting, something has happened to your child.” What else is The Algoma Children’s Aid Society hiding that they do not want found out? Why is such abuse and insults towards loving parents continue to be allowed and permitted in Family Law??

Charlie Mercieca & Vincent Schiele talking about the Sault Ste Marie Lawyers offices concerning the interests of their children on Dec 11 2015 7:00pm Phone audio recording,

It is natural and expected for al loving and capable parent to long for his/her child. A natural bond between child and parent maliciously destroyed with the aid and expertise of Kristi Whitefield, Melanie Dunn, Heather Mandes office… or any other Barrister & Solicitor lawyers office writing and wording affidavits and conference briefs contradicting the bond and love of the alienated and targeted parent. Lawyers claiming and misguiding justice on request of their paying clients to stipulate and deny indispensable access to the children.

They* will hurt their own children, lie to authorities, and manipulate services to push the other parent away, often leaving life long emotional scars on their children. And in most cases, they will abuse their children in the name of “protecting” them from the other parent. They will tell anyone that will listen that they are the good parent and have in some way been victimized by their ex-spouse.
~ Hi Vincent. Can I get an educated opinion from you? It seems that since you’ve exposed your ex, the Algoma CAS, Sault Ste Marie Family Courts etc etc, that you have at least overnight weekend access with your daughter (unsupervised) in your home. As you know, I’ve also exposed those ppl at my end with some clear, undeniable evidence but yet, these agencies won’t back off and fix things. What’s you’re educated opinion as to why? Thanks. ~

See Website for the Audio Source: m4a
December 11 2015 7pm Ontario Canada time, Charlie Mercieca, Vincent Schiele

Access the originating page here:


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