Determined to steal everything and the judicial system is assisting!


Determined to steal everything and the judicial system is assisting

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William Mullins-Johnson is under attack according to him, by Christine Rupert, Judge Thomas Wood, and the Judicial system. Please share this very tragic condition Bill is facing. He has be wronged by our Judicial system once before, wrongly convicting him and sending him to jail for 12.5 years for the murder and sodomy of his niece that simply never happened. The Ontario Government paid him $4.25 million in restitution after his conviction was overturned.

William Mullins-Johnson now the judicial system is in the midst of assisting Christine Rupert to take from him structured settlement.

William Mullins-Johnson, wrongfully jailed for murdering his niece, is seen with his fiancee Christine Rupert outside a disciplinary hearing for disgraced pathologist Dr. Charles Smith in Toronto on Tuesday, Feb. 1., 2011. The hearing stripped Smith of his medical licence. (Colin Perkel / THE CANADIAN PRESS)


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