| Effort to undermine open Justice: UK’s Kafkaesque creep to closed, secret courts!

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Secret justice plan crumbles: Clegg says he’ll block it, report by MPs and peers damns it and now ministers are close to a U-turnJAMES CHAPMAN, POLITICAL EDITOR, The Daily Mail.

Plans for a huge extension of ‘secret justice’ are close to ruin after Nick Clegg warned the Prime Minister he cannot support them as they stand.

Last night Government sources said Justice SecretaryKenneth Clarke would signal a U-turn on the proposals within weeks.

The Deputy Prime Minister told Mr Cameron and other members of the highly secretive National Security Council that without major changes, the Liberal Democrats will not back legislation allowing more court hearings and inquests to be held behind closed doors.

Prime Minister David Cameron
Britain's Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg

Loggerheads: Nick Clegg has warned the Prime Minister that he will not back legislation allowing more court hearings and inquests to be held behind closed doors

In a letter to members of…

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| “No reason exists” to justify “inherently unfair” UK Secret Courts, say expert lawyers!

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“No reason exists” to justify “inherently unfair” Secret Courts, say expert lawyers ~ Reprieve.

The Special Advocates, a group of expert lawyers who work in cases involving national security, have attacked the Government’s plans for secret courts, describing them as “inherently unfair and contrary to the common law tradition.”

They have also criticised the lack of evidence produced by the Government in support of the plans to roll out secret courts – or ‘Closed Material Procedures’ (CMPs) – across the civil justice system, saying that “no…reasons have been advanced” to justify the move, and adding that “in our view, none exists.”

The new criticisms, contained in a note submitted to Parliament’s Joint Committee on Human Rights in February, come ahead of this week’s Commons debates on the plans, which are contained in the Justice and Security Bill.

The use of CMPs would mean that, in cases…

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#UK Use Of #SecretCourts Confirms End Of #Democracy!

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The Use Of Secret Courts Confirms The End Of Democracy In Britain ~ Graham Vanbergen, ACTIVIST POST,

The use of secret courts is where trials take place that are not open to the public, nor generally reported in the news and generally no official record of the case or the judge’s verdict is made available. Often there is no legal allegation. The accused is usually not able to obtain the counsel of an lawyer or confront witnesses for the prosecution, and the proceedings are characterised by a perceived miscarriage of justice to the benefit of the ruling powers of the society. This is the stuff of cold war Russia and Nazi Germany – right? Think again.

In the English-speaking world, one of the most notorious secret courts was the Star Chamber as it was used under Charles I in the early 17th century. The abuses of the Star…

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Shocking ! Did New York’s Governor shut down Moreland Commission due to his child support debts?

Welcome to Leon Koziol.Com

IMG_1934 Dr. Leon Koziol with CBS host Morley Safer in Leon’s office during interview aired globally when news organizations displayed remarkable courage exposing corruption. Will they return for the continuing saga here?

Administrator’s query: Did Leon Koziol’s testimony before 2013 Moreland Commission influence Governor Cuomo to dissolve it before public attention turned to his “substantial” child support delinquencies at the time? 

We could never get a straight answer on why New York Governor Andrew Cuomo suddenly closed his Moreland Commission on Public Corruption in March of last year less than one year since he created it to root out corruption in Albany.

We also could not get answers to a confidential report issued by a reinstatement committee denying Dr. Koziol his license only days after the closure of that Commission. The report contained a copy of Leon’s Moreland testimony with no specifications of any ethical wrongdoings to the present day.


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A little help please……

Patricia McKnight ~~ My Justice

Give it some thought, read what is here, understand why it is absolutely necessary we begin to do whatever small part we can to help others understand just how seriously these types of traumatic terrors and life threatening harms have become pandemic with only an estimation of how much taxpayers are responsible for in assisting victims & survivors every single year. Wouldn’t it be easier if we made the offenders responsible? Wouldn’t it be more life empowering to teach children in their History Class throughout 12 years of education in public & private schools; teach them to understand that our laws are written to protect them, regardless of age or gender. No, we will not allow this any longer and we will require all states to accept a Federal Statute & Policy to create a pattern of punishments, responsibilities, and preventions. It is time to change our way of…

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Edited and updated.  Revealing truthes by Sabine K McNeil, Angela Power Disney & Belinda Mckenzie.

One of few videos, of me speaking, sharing my intentions, 2009.

So i viralised the rally 2010, and the evidence is there, that Truth & Hope, was a fake charity, set up to help Belinda, and Co, aided by Ian McFerran, greatly, Butlin Cat, and John Hemming, Maggie Tuttle, to ensure that the genuine voices were mostly drowned out.

Aided to by Bill Maloney, who was on ITVNews stating that the rallies had only just begun, organised by him and Emma.

I guess the truth, spoken from the heart en masse, as had happened originally, filmed by BBC but shown in a documentary about False Memory Syndrome 1994, i guess the truth and massive energy we created 22yrs ago, re emerging and being shared on line, was too much to risk, with hindsight…

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