What To Do When a Parent’s Love Rules Your Life

Parental Alienation

Classic signs:

chronic relationship problems & a curious blend of high and low self esteem

o Other signs: o Problems with peer relationships

o Eating disorders

o Depression

o Anxiety

The Emotionally Invasive Parent – children are powerless against them and have an intense need to be connected with them

Things these types have in common:

1. Parent uses child to satisfy needs that should be met by other adults – romance, companionship, intimacy, advice, problem solving, ego fulfillment. Children can’t handle this and suffer long-lasting effects.

2. Parent is ignoring needs of the child – when the parents turns to the child, the child is rarely given adequate protection, nurturance, guidance, structure, affection, affirmation or discipline. 

The child is doing the parenting.

 Common family profiles:

1. Parent lacks sufficient companionship and support. May be single, divorced, unhappily married, etc.

2. The parent who is less involved (not…

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