#Stonehenge: New Discovery solves construction mystery!

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New Discovery Solves One Mystery of Stonehenge’s Construction ~ Nick Romeo , National Geographic, DECEMBER 07, 2015.

New findings from a team of British archaeologists shed light on how some of Stonehenge’s monoliths were extracted and transported.  

Picture of Sunset at Stonehenge on the Salisbury Plain of Wiltshire in Southern England

Researchers believe they’ve found the origin of some of the stones that make up Stonehenge.

In an announcement Monday, the team said it found extensive evidence of Neolithic stone quarrying at two sites in Wales that supplied the distinctive ‘bluestones’ erected at Stonehenge around 5,000 years ago. Forty-three bluestones survive out of an estimated 80 that once stood at Stonehenge; they form an inner horseshoe at the site, surrounded by the outer circle of much larger giant sandstone monoliths. By dating and studying artifacts from the quarries, the archaeologists have determined when and how prehistoric people first extracted these bluestones.

The Welsh quarries are located in the Preseli hills in north Pembrokeshire, roughly 180 miles (290 km) from from Stonehenge by land. The bluestones weigh 1-2 tons and are up to 8 feet tall.


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