A Severely Alienated Child of Parental Alienation Syndrome

Parental Alienation

The Obsessed Alienator

“I love my children. If the court can’t protect them from their abusive father, I will.
Even though he’s never abused the children, I know it’s a matter of time. The
children are frightened of their father. If they don’t want to see him, I’m not
going to force them. They are old enough to make up their own minds.”

The obsessed alienator is a parent, or sometimes a grandparent, with a cause: to align the children to his or her side and together, with the children, campaign to destroy their relationship with the targeted parent. For the campaign to work, the obsessed
alienator enmeshes the children’s personalities and beliefs into their own.
This is a process that takes time but one that the children, especially the
young, are completely helpless to see and combat. It usually begins well before
the divorce is final. The obsessed parent is angry, bitter or…

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Urgent Notice – Child Advocate Assistance Armstrong County Pennsylvania

Patricia McKnight ~~ My Justice


Hello & thank you in advance for a few moments of your very precious time

Situation – Twelve year old male, admitted anorexic, with physical abuse, emotional destruction, alienation, and familial containment responsibility; child has made personal statements to me regarding the following comments:

  • 1 – I’ll just turn myself over to a gang
  • 2 – I’ll start doing drugs and get into violence
  • 3 – I’ll just kill myself
  • 4 – Wish I was big enough to kill my stepfather
  • 5 – Why are you the only one who seems to care about this stuff, why can’t I talk to anyone else, why won’t my own dad help me? Nobody believes me. I can’t tell anyone up there because if he finds out he’ll kill me. He really scares me. 

There is a young boy in , whom Children Services have investigated more than a dozen reports of child…

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#Normalization Harms #Identity for #Children and #Youth!

| truthaholics

Normalization Harms Identity for Children and Youth ~ 4PalKids | December 7, 2015.

No society should ever experience normalization. Why? Because it is an act that makes normal an element of social discourse as false or misleading so as to subjugate and deny the identity and rights of a target group.

Normalization in such a construct takes away from the spiritual, cultural and national identity of a people.

That children and youth grow up with these conflicts – being socially denied in spite of what they know about themselves and their people – is harmful to their being. Children and youth being inflicted by the normalization of misrepresentations of their culture and identity find themselves singularly denied the same rights, voices and ability to articulate who they are, in contrast to how they are presented to be.

The Normalization of Denial of Palestine

Below is an example of normalization:

normalization of Palestine

In the above image we see in English several options of Za’tar…

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Child support needs to catch up to reflect new roles for fathers, say experts

Children's Rights

How ‘deadbeats’ can still be good dads – The Boston Globe

ONE KIND OF FAMILY is the one in an old greeting-card picture: two parents, one or more kids, all under one roof.

But another kind of family has become more and more common over the last several decades. We tend to call it “single parenting,” but it is really better described as an unmarried mother and father living apart, their children, and the government whose laws regulate their relationship.

That set of laws is the child-support system, and it covers 17 million American children—about a quarter of them. But that system is nearly 40 years old, established during a different economy, and built on an old model where the mother was the caretaker and the father simply brought home the bacon. Today, a group of critics is saying the system needs an update, not only to be fair to…

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