December’s Newsletter from Weston’s MP

Dear David ,

Weston has a huge stake in who becomes Avon & Somerset’s Police Crime Commissioner; the person chosen for the job will set police & crime objectives and decide upon the force area’s budget. Naturally, we locals want to make sure that the person chosen for the job knows about Weston, its issues relating to crime and drugs, and is willing to fight for the resources we need to deal with them. So far I’ve only met the (aptly named) Conservative candidate, Mark Weston (more details about what he’s trying to achieve below) but, whoever we choose, Weston needs someone who understands our town’s ongoing battle with drug addiction, the need to prevent rehabs from turning into crime hotspots, and is willing to fight for the resources we need. The Police Crime Commissioner Elections are on 5th May 2016, so please mark the date in your diary – it matters!

What else? Ambulance response times; voter registration and Remembrance Sunday all feature this month – read on to find out more!

John Penrose
MP for Weston-super-Mare

This Month’s Most Popular Stories From The Website:
Keeping An Eye On Ambulance Response Times

imageIn this week’s article for The Weston Mercury, John talks about the problems the local Ambulance Service have faced over the past few years, their journey getting back on track and the importance of ensuring that their response times continue to improve…
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John appears on BBC’s Daily Politics to discuss Elector Registration

imageJohn discusses the importance of Individual Elector Registration in tackling fraud and how anybody with a pulse who is legally entitled to vote will have been tracked down, and confirmed on the electoral register by the time the switch over happens…
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PCC Candidate, Mark Weston’s Priorities for Weston

image· Putting the community at the heart of Policing.
· Fighting for Fair Funding.
· Ensuring that Rural Crime receives the attention it deserves.
· Reducing ASB and speeding up the justice process.
· Empowering and devolving local decision making – one size doesn’t fit all.

Ilford Recorder: MP teaches disabled children about elections

imageIlford’s local paper reports on John’s trip to Little Heath School where he linked up with Mencap ambassador Vijay Patel to teach students about elections.
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Remembrance Sunday in Weston

imageAs we enter into Parliament Week, Minister for Constitutional Reform John Penrose explains why it’s important for young people to engage in democracy…

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Something We Think Is Important, But Which Didn’t Get Noticed:
Weston’s MP welcomes new fall in unemployment

imageThe town’s MP is delighted by new figures showing that unemployment in Weston and the surrounding villages has dropped by almost a quarter (22%) in the last 12 months.

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imageMet so many engaged and interesting young people at my Youth Ambassador reception today. Excellent way to round off @Parliament_Week

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image[UK World’s 3rd Tourism Destination is] Great news for the British economy and for our soft power. Well done to the Government – a brilliant achievement.
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The Misuse of Persons: Analysing Pathological Dependency

Parental Alienation

In this major contribution to contemporary psychoanalysis, Stanley Coen illuminates a heretofore undescribed character structure especially resistant to analytic process.  Pathologically dependent patients, for Coen, are identified not by surface character traits, but by their response to the intrapsychic demands of analysis.  Such patients remain in treatment, sometimes contentedly, sometimes amid rebukes and complaints, but they do not profit from it.  Their inability to use insight, especially in the transference, is matched by a proclivity for sadomasochistic enmeshment.  In analysis, this tendency translates into a continuing dependent attachment to the analyst.

In exploring the genetic roots of pathological dependency, Coen ranges beyond extant trauma theories in describing a pattern of parent-child interaction in which repetitive behavioral enactments substitute for the acceptance and resolution of conflicts, both intrapsychic and interpersonal.  In analysis, pathologically dependent patients use the analyst as they have come to use significant others throughout their lives: as part of…

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Happy Birthday to my precious twin children, Alfred and Albert.

Parental Alienation

Dearest God,
Thank you for my precious and handsome twin children, Albert and Alfred. Please shower your blessings, favor, guidance and protection on them today and every second of their lives. Dearest God, let them love you above everything and always keep you in first place. Dearest God, please bless them with your wisdom and make them obey your principles. Dearest God, bless them with a good conscience that they will always follow your principles and prevent them from thinking, saying or doing anything wrong. Dearest God, please be in my precious children Albert and Alfred guiding them in your ways and please be around them all the time guarding them from evil. Dearest God, please help them remember their own loving mother’s true and pure love for them, even though they have been alienated from their own mother for the last 7 years. Please reveal the truth to them…

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Grandparent Alienation Is Not Natural

Parental Alienation

The hallmarks of grandparent estrangement / alienation, the silent treatment, emotional cutoff and ostracism are extreme passive aggressive expressions of unforgiveness. Grandparent estrangement / alienation is not natural or healthy no matter which generation is the perpetrator. Rather than continuing down the divisive path of encouraging human beings to view each others differences and imperfections as ‘toxic’ wouldn’t it be nice if the self help profession would finally grow up and adopt the philosophy of The Guerrand-Hermès Foundation for Peace? As the gatekeepers of our future generations, parents need to be encouraged to become “consciously aware of where and how memory is held and how grievances are passed down from generation to generation … to help experience some personal healing, and forgive and feel greater compassion for others and ourselves.” Our humanity can not sustainably continue accepting the replacement of one cycle of dysfunction for another. Let’s stop magnifying and…

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Abolish Parental Alienation!

Parental Alienation


We The Undersigned Call Upon The Senate/ Congress Of The United States Of America to Stop Parental Alienation By Making it A Crime Punishable By Law.

This petition is for all children world wide who are suffering as a result of the selfish affairs between two parents. When a child is alienated from a parent, it is not just a mere separation between two people, it is the creation of a life-long hiatus affecting the child for the rest of his/her life.

The absence of love and the lack of presence to the child from many of his/her family members, such as: grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, and sisters. It uproots the child’s identity, and by doing this horrific act they are destroying the child’s emotional foundation.

A parent should not have the right to want to damage the relationship of their own child…

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