#FrontNational ou Le nouvel ordre en France: Un pays effrayé qui vote pour les extrêmes

Eyes on Europe & Middle East

Le FN aux portes du pouvoir? Il faut se rendre à l’évidence: il ne suffit pas de combattre le Front en réfutant son programme ou en dénonçant ses arrière-pensées. Il faut d’abord combattre les maux qui l’ont fait naître : l’impuissance publique, le désespoir populaire, l’incapacité à opposer aux imprécations frontistes contre l’immigration une politique humaine et crédible, explique Laurent Joffrin, de Libération.

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Judicial Bias and Absolute Discretion in Family Courts

American Fathers

Family Law Lawyers and Judges are violating our most cherished human rights.

Too often in the family justice system, and elsewhere, we see judges applying their discretion to tailor the law, not to suit the parties that come before it, but to exorcise personal frustrations. Judges sometimes forget they are there to serve. But they should be reminded.Stop Absolute Discretion and Immunity of Family Court Judges - Causes 2015

“Open Letter to Barack Obama”

Judges are considered to be cornerstones of society, upholding the most decent and free-thinking modes of thought, the most sophisticated thinkers, a little like modern-day philosophers. But all too often, they are simply just time-short, temper-short and short on perspective. And most importantly perhaps, judges who seek to change the way society functions on a political level are blurring the lines between the judiciary and the executive. And that too, creates conflict of interest and can have devastating consequences for justice.

So, how do we change that?…

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Britain’s armed response to terror attacks called in to question after London Tube knife attack

Peace and Freedom


A man will appear in court on Monday accused of the Leytonstone Tube stabbing.

Muhaydin Mire, 29, from Sansom Road, east London, will appear before Westminster magistrates charged with the attempted murder of a 56-year-old man.

It came as Britain’s armed response to terror attacks was called in to question after uniformed officers were left to deal with a suspected Islamist fanatic who tried to murder Tube passengers in revenge for Syria airstrikes.

A former Scotland Yard commander said it was “alarming” that armed officers were not on the scene to tackle the man who attacked two men, leaving one lying in a pool of blood.

Security was stepped up at train and Tube stations yesterday following the attack including more armed officers and uniformed patrols.

The attacker beat…

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Happy Christmas Children and Grandchildren 2015!!!!

Parental Alienation

1990 was the last Christmas we all spent together!!!!

I have no way of contacting you.

You don’t respond to social media or phone calls or texts.

I have now lost count of the Christmas’s  gone by without seeing or hearing from you.

I think about you all every day especially at Christmas.

I will be sharing my special day (Birthday & Christmas 25th December 2015) with wonderful friends, I hope your day will be extra special with whoever you are sharing it with.

I have wonderful memories from when you where children, and I have saved all the Christmas cards you made for me as children which remind me of the wonderful relationship we once had!!!!

May all your dreams come true and I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and healthy and happy new year.

Mum xxxxxx

amy 2 and half

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The Round Up – criminal courts charge and assisted suicide

UK Human Rights Blog

michael goveCharlotte Bellamy brings you the latest human rights news

The death knell has tolled on another of Grayling’s policies from his ill-fated tenure as Justice Secretary. The controversial criminal courts charge, which has seen over 50 magistrates resign  since its imposition in April, is to join the jettisoned ranks of the prisons contract with Saudi Arabia, the prisoner book ban and plans for a super-sized child prison.

Criticised as a “tax on justice” which encouraged defendants to plead guilty, the charges ranged from £150 (for a guilty plea to a summary only offence) to £1,200 (conviction at trial for indictment). The charge did not take into account the means of the defendant, leading to a plethora of desperate situations including one homeless shoplifter ordered to pay £900 despite “not being able to afford to feed himself” and a £150 levy imposed on another for stealing a can of Redbull worth 99p.

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