The Unquiet Mind and Unspeakable Acts of Violence – Karen Woodall

Parental Alienation

Some weeks I find it difficult to carry the burden of knowledge of what is being done to parents and children in the UK. This is one of them. During the run up to Christmas, that most painful time of year for so many, the narratives and the lives of the people I work with and the faces of their children, stay with me through the night. Surrounded as we are these days in London, by the threat and fear of terrorism, it is unsurprising to me that my mind, usually resiliant, is unquiet. Like parents who live with the loss of their child, in the early hours, those small details of worry and anxiety cause me to be restless. Those of you who cannot sleep because of what you bear are not alone. I am here, in that place where the tides run restless, with you.

This week I…

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