Help for Divorced Parents This Holiday Season by Top Expertsason

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Custody Calculations 702-675-5120

Please join me, Catherine MacWillie, along with other experts, Dr. Rebecca Bailey, Dr. Joshua Coleman, Dr. Steven Miller, Dr. J. Michael Bone, Dr. John Killinger on December 13, 2015 for a very special call.
This international conference call will be quite different and unique in helping parents through this extremely difficult holiday season. If you want help in coping, please make this a priority to be on this call.
Each guest speaker will take 20 minutes to give their expert advice and knowledge for coping with the holidays.
This free call is made possible through the efforts of International Support Network of Alienated Families and Families Access – Fighting for Children’s Rights and comprised and supported by a volunteer staff of alienated parents. Which is why I do all I can to support their work as do many other professionals.
At the end of the call, parents will have the…

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The Unquiet Mind and Unspeakable Acts of Violence

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Karen Woodall

Some weeks I find it difficult to carry the burden of knowledge of what is being done to parents and children in the UK. This is one of them. During the run up to Christmas, that most painful time of year for so many, the narratives and the lives of the people I work with and the faces of their children, stay with me through the night. Surrounded as we are these days in London, by the threat and fear of terrorism, it is unsurprising to me that my mind, usually resiliant, is unquiet. Like parents who live with the loss of their child, in the early hours, those small details of worry and anxiety cause me to be restless. Those of you who cannot sleep because of what you bear are not alone. I am here, in that place where the tides run restless, with you.

This week I…

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The Bastardization of Mental Illness

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Media Diversified

by Maira Butt

The killer in the recent Charleston shootings is already having his horrific racist actions deconstructed under the guise of mental health problems. Already, his case is being treated as nuanced and complex, his history, upbringing, personality and background are being dealt with gently, with a judge even sympathising with his family for what he has done. And as always, we think, why does this same level of sympathy and empathy not translate to any for brown and black people? For any non-white, person of colour?

At the same time we are flaccidly unsurprised. Yet the gall with which the double-standards are being applied is becoming increasingly explicit, if it wasn’t so already. Dylan Roof decked out in a bulletproof vest was…

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London: Terror Attack in Metro Station — “this is for Syria”

Peace and Freedom

By James Davey

LONDON (Reuters) – A man wielding a knife slashed a man in an east London metro station on Saturday, reportedly screaming “this is for Syria”, before police used a stun gun to subdue him in what they described as a terrorist incident.

A pool of blood near the ticket barriers at the Leytonstone Underground station, about six miles (10 km) east of central London, could be seen in footage posted on Twitter that also showed the suspect confronting officers at just after 1900 GMT.

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Police said initial reports indicated the man, believed to be aged…

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