How do Men’s Rights Activists align politically?

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How do Men’s Rights Activists align politically?

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At an average of 25,000 daily unique visitors (and growing), AVfM is the largest Men’s Rights web site in the world. At this point almost no one can ignore us, even our haters.

So with this sort of large and growing visibility, you may have at times wondered: Is this a “liberal” movement? Is it a “conservative” movement? Well we have always taken a strong nonpartisan stance, because we view virtually all political parties as fundamentally misandrist, some just more overtly than others. We view this movement as about basic civil and human rights, which no political party or ideology has a lock on.

So what kind of audience has this staunchly non-aligned stance brought us? A bunch of…

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Germany Needs More Soldiers — Says The German Armed Forces Association

Peace and Freedom

Germany needs more soldiers to carry out its military obligations, according to . It says numbers have been reduced too far to cope with current crises.

The German Bundeswehrverband (Armed Forces Association) on Saturday reiterated a call for the German army to employ more personnel, above all in the light of the planned deployment of at least 1,200 soldiers to Syria approved by parliament on Friday.

“At present, we need at least 5,000 to 10,000 more soldiers,” the director of the association, André Wüstner, told the newspaper “Passauer Neue Presse.”

He said this was made necessary not only because of Bundeswehr missions in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and Mali, but also because of new laws on working hours that will “rightly no longer allow health-endangering round-the-clock shifts during normal operations.”

Too much reduction

Wüstner said that cuts to personnel numbers in the Bundeswehr had gone too far.

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Family Justice Council debate on adoption


I think readers will be interested in this debate, which featured some very impressive speakers presenting both sides of the debate and also some extremely well put questions and discussions generated by the audience. I’m very proud to see so many of my regular commenters and readers involved in this.  These are big important issues and I’m glad that discussions and debates of this kind are taking place, and that people who have passion and stories to tell on both sides are having the chance to get involved in them.

[Edit  – have just realised that perhaps not all of you have the software to open a pdf – I’ll keep an eye out to see if there’s a link that doesn’t use pdf.  It is 37 pages long, so I can’t really cut and paste it here]

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Six points to remember about the true origins of the Syria crisis as Europe obediently lines up for war with Russia.



As France, the UK and now Germany obediently line up for war with Russia, feel free to send these to anyone who asks you “but do you think we should just let ISIS keep beheading people?”

1. Bashar al Assad’s secular government in Syria is a major obstacle to US/NATO ambitions to fragment the Middle East, exploit its resources and further encircle Russia, as delineated in several policy documents.

2. US/NATO planned to invade Syria and remove Assad in 2013, and used his alleged use of chemical weapons in Ghouta as an excuse. But the plan was thwarted when a) the chemical weapon attacks were found to have likely been done by western-backed “rebels.” and b) Russia intervened diplomatically to negotiated the decommissioning of Syria’s chemical weapons stocks, thus making any military action unnecessary.

3.US/NATO response to this was to develop ISIS (one of their several proxy jihadist…

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#Cameron’s plan to scrap #HumanRightsAct delayed until 2016!

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David Cameron’s plan to scrap the Human Rights Act delayed until 2016 ~ Kate McCann, THE TELEGRAPH, 03 Dec 2015.

The prime minister had promised to publish plans this year, but Michael Gove admitted the ‘complex’ changes will take longer than expected.

Plans to scrap the Human Rights Act have been delayed for a second time, Michael Gove has revealed.

The prime minister’s request for a consultation on whether the UK should set up a constitutional court to block EU laws has triggered a “complex” process, the Justice Secretary warned.

Minsters were expected to publish plans for a British Bill of Rights this month, but they will now be pushed back to next year following a consultation process.

Justice Secretary Michael GoveMichael Gove the Justice Secretary  Photo: PA

David Cameron was forced to delay plans to scrap the Human Rights Act in May, amid fears his own MPs would oppose the policy.

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