Gag order challenged while a mother saved from suicide in another court ordeal.

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image Dr. Leon Koziol with 60 Minutes host Morley Safir in Leon’s office when courageous stories were aired worldwide. Will a documentary crew return ? By Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Within 24 hours of getting a gag order against this site from Family Judge Dan King, I filed a challenge while refusing to shut it down. See yesterday’s post. We’ll keep you “posted” if this form of government allows it.

Hopefully you’ve been following developments so you know how we’ve been exposing corruption and assisting victims of family court abuses. Yesterday we explained how our work saved another dad from suicide. Now for the mom side.

During the same weekend I got an incoming call from a mother threatening to do herself in as a result of the criminal type targeting she sustained for 15 years. Yeah that’s how long they’ll hound you for money. It’s too long a story here…

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