Friday Daftness – Statement of the Respondent to an application for a non-molestation order


  1. I am C. I was previously in a relationship with H, but that has come to an end. I am aware that H has asked the Court for a non-molestation order that I no longer harass him or come within 500 metres of his property. I oppose that application.
  2. It is correct that H’s home is in a secluded location on the moors, and that as he asserts it is unusual to see passers-by, there being no other houses nearby to visit. However, as he knows full well, I like to go for a run to keep myself fit. Sometimes that run is on the moors and it may be that by chance he has seen me nearby whilst I was having a run.

  1. Therefore, it may be correct that from his home, H has seen me on occasion, running up the road, or running up the hill. I enjoy…

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