Gag order challenged while a mother saved from suicide in another court ordeal.

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Within 24 hours of getting a gag order against this site from Family Judge Dan King, I filed a challenge while refusing to shut it down. See yesterday’s post. We’ll keep you “posted” if this form of government allows it.

Hopefully you’ve been following developments so you know how we’ve been exposing corruption and assisting victims of family court abuses. Yesterday we explained how our work saved another dad from suicide. Now for the mom side.

During the same weekend I got an incoming call from a mother threatening to do herself in as a result of the criminal type targeting she sustained for 15 years. Yeah that’s how long they’ll hound you for money. It’s too long a story here…

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Friday Daftness – Statement of the Respondent to an application for a non-molestation order


  1. I am C. I was previously in a relationship with H, but that has come to an end. I am aware that H has asked the Court for a non-molestation order that I no longer harass him or come within 500 metres of his property. I oppose that application.
  2. It is correct that H’s home is in a secluded location on the moors, and that as he asserts it is unusual to see passers-by, there being no other houses nearby to visit. However, as he knows full well, I like to go for a run to keep myself fit. Sometimes that run is on the moors and it may be that by chance he has seen me nearby whilst I was having a run.

  1. Therefore, it may be correct that from his home, H has seen me on occasion, running up the road, or running up the hill. I enjoy…

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Oscar Pistorius Finally Found Guilty Of Murder

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To be honest, I never thought Oscar Pistorius would face the charge of murder, I didn’t have faith in the laws and society to see the truth. But the appeal court agreed with the prosecutors that the manslaughter conviction had been based on a misinterpretation of the law.

How his guilt could have ever been in doubt I don’t know but then I remember my own mother’s reaction to his sobbing in court, snot and all; declaring his innocence.

My mother had been surprised I thought he was guilty, after all he threw up he was so upset about what happened, and he sobbed so hard in court and well, he had reason to feel vulnerable what with not having his legs. When I had pointed out he had a history of abusing past girlfriends she had said, “Oh but that was years ago!” I wanted to believe my mother…

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The Latvian case – the judgment is up


This is a follow-up from Monday’s piece, about the latest Christopher Booker outrage.

You may remember that from Mr Booker’s account, the child had a small mark on his neck and another small mark, which led to social workers trying to snatch all of the children, and the parents instead fled with the help of Forced Adoption to another country.

You may also remember how incandescent Mr Booker was that the Local Authority couldn’t be named because of a gagging order.

Eleven days ago, the second oldest child of Russian-Latvian parents working in a town I cannot name for legal reasons was seen by a teacher to have a small mark on his neck. When the school reported this to social services, an examination revealed another slight mark on his leg. The family found itself plunged into an inexplicable nightmare

In this latest case of the family that got…

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