Two South Florida state Senate races pick up NPA filers – SaintPetersBlog

Children's Rights

Two candidates with no party affiliation have jumped into state Senate races in South Florida.

Mario Jimenez has jumped into the race against Hialeah state Sen. Anitere Flores in SD 39. The longshot candidate is running on a single-issue platform of reforming the state’s Department of Children and Families and family law courts, which he says oversees both rampant elder abuse and unfair child custody decisions.

“Our present senators and House representatives have done little to nothing to protect them, ignoring the plight of these children and their families,” reads Jimenez’s platform.

“Similar abuses are taking place with the elderly under guardianship programs, with home and condo owners through foreclosure and homeowner associations, and with Florida families and our youth in family and juvenile courts.”

His quixotic campaign is unlikely to unseat Flores, who was first elected to the Senate in 2012 and terms out in 2020. Flores has so far raised $338,343 for her 2016…

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