Ted Cruz Calls U.S. College Students “Pampered”

Peace and Freedom

The GOP candidate criticizes students at alma mater who want to ‘sanitize our history’, in exclusive Guardian interview on policing, Syrian refugees and more

Ben Jacobs in Amana, Iowa

Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz has condemned the growing wave of campus protests in the US as a product of “pampered teenagers who are scared of an idea that challenges their world view”.

Speaking to the Guardian on a swing through Iowa, the 44-year-old Texas senator – increasingly seen as a potential unity candidate for Republicans – was disdainful of protesters who staged an occupation protest last month at his alma mater, Princeton.

Students have called for the Wilson School of Public and International Affairs on campus to be stripped of the name of two-term Democratic president Woodrow Wilson because of his racism and efforts to promote segregation in the federal workforce.

Cruz said: “I think it is more than a…

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