Things That May HELP ALLEVIATE The Effects of Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS)

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Parental Alienation

  • MAINTAIN CLEAR EMOTIONAL AND PHYSICAL BOUNDARIES – This will help protect against the influences of the alienating parent.

  • FOCUS ON ALTERING ONE’S OWN BEHAVIOR AND NOT THAT OF THE ALIENATING PARENT – When the targeted parent makes small changes such as not accepting phone calls from the alienating parent, that in itself may help mediate some of their negatives influences.

  • STOP FEELING INTIMIDATED BY THE ALIENATING PARENT – The alienating parent gets their power from frightening, threatening and intimidating the targeted parent.

  • BECOME PROACTIVE RATHER THAN REACTIVE TO THE ALIENATING PARENT’S BEHAVIOR – Many targeted parents invest tremendous energy and time in attempts to convince the alienating parent that what they are doing is harmful and unfair to the children and themselves. This is a complete waste and in most cases, it actually makes things worse because it provides more opportunities to create conflict.


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