Things That DO NOT WORK When Treating Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS)

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Parental Alienation

  • As indicated before – WAITING – That means waiting for things to get better, waiting for the alienating parent to get over his or her upset or to become more reasonable, or waiting for the children to come around on their own.

  • NEGOTIATING – Alienating parents are not interested in negotiating because they will not consider anything that deviates from their own agenda.

  • MEDIATION – The process of mediation can only work if the parties involved enter into the process in good faith and with the purpose of finding a mutually agreeable solution based on compromise. The alienating parent is not interested in compromise anymore than he or she is interested in negotiations.

  • ATTEMPTS TO REASON WITH THE ALIENATING PARENT – Many targeted parents invest tremendous energy and time in attempts to convince the alienating parent that what they are doing is harmful and unfair to the children and themselves…

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