Police ignore Judge’s order , to help Latvian family escape social workers


This is Christopher Booker’s latest column


There is not a judgment up yet, that would allow me to give you an account of what has happened from someone who has heard both sides of the case, rather than just one side. I will keep an eye out.

The column does have the usual Booker hallmarks – the account provided by a single source, the cosying up to the President of the Family Division as being the only person who is trying to put things right, his habit as a ‘journalist’ of confusing making an argument with simply putting words in quotation marks to show his contempt for them,  his misunderstanding of many basic legal principles, and his unappealing habit of throwing the Judge’s first name around like confetti  – I imagine this is done to belittle them and diminish respect for them. It is a cheap shot.

It still…

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Question It!

Researching Reform

Welcome to another week.

In the wake of the Paris Attacks, a video of a father talking to his son about the shooting at Bataclan has gone viral. Elizabeth Handsley, A professor of law asks the question, should we expose children to news relating to terrorism?

In her article, Elizabeth explains how news of this nature affects each age group, issues raised by the free flow of media coverage on incidents like terror attacks and how we can reassure children who are exposed to this kind of content.

The video which was recorded in front of Bataclan, one of the venues where a terror attack in Paris took place, shows a father telling his son that the flowers being laid down in front of the stadium are a form of protection against terrorism and bullets.

Our question this week then, is just this: should we speak in metaphors to young…

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Great Britain : By Royal Appointment! Revised Father’s Ask Her Majesty4HELP!

Police officers on the roof of the Queen's Gallery with the two activists
Police officers on the roof of the Queen’s Gallery with the two activists Credit: @JusticeFathers/Twitter

Two men who climbed onto a roof at Buckingham Palace as part of a fathers’ rights protest have been arrested.

After nearly eight hours on the roof, where they were seen waving banners, the men came down voluntarily, according to the police.

Martin Matthews, 48, and Bobby Smith, 33, used a ladder to breach security and scale the roof of the Queen’s Gallery, a public art gallery at Buckingham Palace.

Another campaigner had caused a distraction outside the palace, a spokesman for the activists said.

The two men on the roof of the Queen's Gallery
The two men on the roof of the Queen’s Gallery Credit: ITV News

The activists waved a banner which read: “I am Harry’s dad”.

A statement from groups New Fathers 4 Justice and Stop The War On Dads said they were behind the security breach.

The groups have called for equal rights for fathers in divorce and separation proceedings and reform of the family courts.

Police were called to the scene at 4.30pm. The incident ended at about 11pm, a police spokesman said.

Buckingham Palace
Credit: Anthony Devlin/PA Archive

At the time of the incident, one of the activists spoke to ITV News over the phone and said getting on to the roof had been “easy” and he could “have gone further” if he had wanted.

The Queen was not in residence at the time of the incident.

Last updated Mon 30 Nov 2015


Her Majesty the Queen always pitches her Christmas
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