The Narcissistic Family Mcclure family Chester 

The Story of my Twin Boys Oliver and Oscar Ferreira

via Narcissistic . Have you ever been close to someone who you believed was as good as gold for years and years only to eventually have had the mask of sanity unveil itself to discover that they were actually the single-most crafty, manipulative, devious, deceitful and deceptive outright liar that you had ever met? A […]

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Malignant Narcissists Get Worse With Age – Stephen Mcclure 

The Story of my Twin Boys Oliver and Oscar Ferreira

You can’t hide your true colors as you approach the autumn of your life. ~Author Unknown (ANNA VALERIOUS) Growing old requires grace and courage. Aging is a series of insults that you have to take in stride else you become a distasteful burden to yourself and those around you. Grace and courage are not attributes […]

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Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery

Patricia McKnight ~~ My Justice

Welcome to Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery

Inspiring new ideas, changing old perceptions, and empowering daily recovery for men, women and children dealing with some form of past or present abuse, violence or trafficking; ending the cycle of what has become
Common Human Behaviors & Our Greatest Human Tragedy

Welcome to Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery providing pages of educational knowledge, and working to change our common perceptions about the Family Crimes of Child Sexual Abuse, Sex Trafficking, Violent Home Environments. We are here to help your recovery and rebuilding, while providing Warning Signs, Relationship Red Flags, Mental and Emotional Wellness to live in a SAFE life to become positive loving role models for tomorrow. You will learn how goal lists and positive guides can help rebuild your life and we have Family Crimes information to help find other resources and build…

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Tennessee Family Law Update 2015: Knoxville

Herston on Tennessee Family Law

Today was the final presentation of this year’s seminar right here in Knoxville. It was great to see so many familiar faces after a week on the road.

Here are some of the comments we received today:

  • Hands down the best family law CLE I’ve ever attended. Thoroughly impressed with Mr. Herston and Mr. Weaver. — Brittany Nestor, Esq., Maryville
  • Better than last year, which I didn’t think was possible. — Lalia Wilson, Family Law Mediator, Oak Ridge
  • As always, John & K.O. knocked it out of the park. This is my go-to family law seminar every year. I thank you for your hard work. — Suzanne Masters, Esq., Knoxville
  • Excellent presentation. Great content and never got bored. Held my attention completely. — Diane Messer, Esq., Knoxville

We want to thank everyone who came out to see us this year. We really enjoy presenting the seminar. Preparing it? Not so much. But…

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