Bronny cannot take a hint.

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Bronwyn just can’t seem to keep away from Abe’s blog…even after he’s said he doesn’t like her.

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i still have no idea, why my blog is posted all over her newsletter, tho a slight increase in gaslighting attacks, in The Hampstead Group, is she taking me under her wing ? do they all think i’m a mind controlled slave ? sheez….. noticing that video views seem to be dwindling ? anyway whatever i am and do, i obviously can’t help it 🙂 but i have no trust in Bronny, nor her motives.

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European Borders May Be Redrawn As Europe Embraces Nationalism

EMerging Equity

By Ryan McMaken

Europe MapIn the wake of the Paris attacks, Europe is being pulled in two directions at once. On the one hand is the rise of localist nationalism in the form of border closings, border fences, and Euroskepticism. On the other hand is the rise of renewed militarism as the French state calls for even more aggressive foreign policy from its European allies in the name of security. In some ways, these two trends appear to be at odds, but they are really just different expressions of nationalism.

European Countries Closing Their Borders

Even before the Paris attacks, the European Union faced rising skepticism and opposition over its immigration policies. Writing in the UK Independent, John Lichfield noted that

North vs south; east vs west; Britain vs the rest; German leadership or German dominance. The refugee crisis is like a diabolical stress test devised to expose simultaneously all the…

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Parental alienation: the impact on men’s mental health

The Story of my Twin Boys Oliver and Oscar Ferreira

Originally posted on Parental Alienation- UNCOVERED:Parental alienation is defined as a mental state in which a child, usually one whose parents are engaged in a high-conflict separation or divorce, allies himself strongly with one parent (the preferred parent) and rejects a relationship with the other parent (the alienated parent) without legitimate justification. Parental alienation…

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#CA1989 #Section20 arrangements shake-up expected for social workers following Munby guidance.

| truthaholics

Section 20 arrangements shake-up expected for social workers following Munby guidance ~ Luke StevensonCommunity Care, November 19, 2015.

Child safeguarding, Children, Looked after children.

A mother is in hospital, having just had her fourth child. The first three are on placement orders, and the learning disabled mother is under the influence of morphine after a difficult birth. Earlier that day she had refused a Coventry council social worker’s suggestion that the child, known as CA, be accommodated under a section 20 arrangement. After being medicated with morphine, she agrees.

Further down the line, a judge will criticise the actions of the council in this case. As he points out, every social worker has a duty to ensure the person giving consent to section 20 arrangements, which are voluntary arrangements agreed to by the parents, has the capacity to do so.

This case is just one…

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The Inquiry’s Restriction Order Doesn’t Gag Survivors But It Does Affect Transparency

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Source: The Inquiry’s Restriction Order Doesn’t Gag Survivors But It Does Affect Transparency

Natalie clarifies the recent update…. much the same as I understood, it to mean.   It was clumsily worded, there were quite a number of reactive tweets.

It will protect people from others disclosing what they might hear during a session…… Needed, in order for people to feel safe, protected to disclose.

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