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Attentats de Paris : appel à témoins pour identifier l’un des kamikazes du stade de France//French police identified a new suspect near “Stade de France” and seeks for witnesses

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La police française a lancé un nouvel appel à témoins, mardi soir, pour tenter d’identifier l’un des trois kamikazes s’étant fait exploser aux abords du stade de France, vendredi soir.// French Police launches a new manhunt for witnesses on Tuesday night, in order to identify one of the three suicide bombers who explosed themselves near Stade de France the 13th of November in Paris

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Germany terror alert: ‘Ambulance packed full of explosives’ found in front of stadium ahead of international match

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Match cancelled as security forces make chilling find just four days after Paris terror attacks

Supporters leave the stadium after the match was called off by policeEvacuated: Supporters leave the stadium after the match was called off by police

An ambulance packed full of explosives is reported to have been discovered parked outside the German national stadium.

Security officials are said to have made the chilling discovery as Germany prepared to take on the Netherlands in an international friendly tonight, said local newspaper Kreiszeitung.

The match has now been cancelled as terror chiefs assess the situation which comes just four days after the Paris terror attacks which left 129 dead on Friday.

Police outside the stadium after match was called off.

Alert: Police outside the stadium after match was called off. Reuters photo

Police evacuate the HDI Arena prior to the International Friendly match between Germany and Netherlands.

Terror alert: Police evacuate the HDI Arena prior to the International Friendly match between Germany and Netherlands. Credit Getty Images

It is thought the ‘ambulance’ was actually a truck disguised as an emergency vehicle.

Reports suggest it…

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Athens: March Marking Anniversary of Bloody Student Uprising Turns Ugly

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Greek student protest, November 17, 2015. Photo by Yorgos Karahalis, AP

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Several hundred youths have hurled rocks, bottles and petrol bombs at riot police in central Athens following an annual march to mark the anniversary of a bloody student uprising.

The clashes, which went on for at least two hours late Tuesday, broke out following a rally that ended peacefully after being attended by 16,000 people and policed by 5,000 officers.

Violence also broke out in Greece’s second largest city, Thessaloniki. There were no immediate reports of any injuries or arrests.

The annual march that ends at the U.S. Embassy in Athens is held to commemorate the student uprising that was crushed by Greece’s military regime in 1973.

Many Greeks blame Washington for backing the dictatorship that ruled Greece from 1967-74.

Protesters take part in a march on November 17, 2015 in the center of…

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Tennessee Family Law Update 2015: Nashville

Herston on Tennessee Family Law

Nashville is my hometown yet it becomes more unrecognizable to me each time I return. I moved from Nashville to Knoxville over 22 years ago. The exponential growth the city has experienced since I left blows me away each time I return.

Today’s seminar was our first at the Nashville School of Law. Dean William Koch (former Tennessee Supreme Court Justice) warmly welcomed us early this morning. The law school really is a great location for CLE.

Some of the attendees had this to say about today’s seminar:

  • Most beneficial and practical CLE I’ve been to. I will be an annual attendee. — Cameron Hoffmeyer, Esq., Lawrenceburg
  • The materials were very well done. The presenters were engaging and interesting!  — Marlene Boshears, Esq., Franklin
  • Best CLE I have attended. — Allen Johnson, Esq., White Bluff
  • Well done! The pace of the presentation was perfect. — Elizabeth Miller, Esq., Nashville

If you’re…

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