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Gamekeeper’s environmental Aarhus claim to shoot buzzards?

UK Human Rights Blog

Buteo_buteo_-Netherlands-8McMorn (R, on the application of) v Natural England[2015] EWHC 3297 (Admin) – read judgment

An interesting point arose in this judicial review (for which see Rosalind English’s post here). Could the claimant could get the benefit of an order that any costs he might have had to pay were capped at £5,000? The original judge, Thirlwall J, when granting permission, had refused this costs protection. Ouseley J granted it, though, because the claimant won, the order is academic (short of a successful appeal by the defendant). 

This kind of costs protection only applies when the claim is an environmental claim covered by the Aarhus Convention: see a whole list of posts at the end of this one, including the true bluffer’s guide here. The UK has been dragged kicking and screaming into compliance with the Aarhus costs requirements, that environmental challenges not be “prohibitively expensive”, thanks to a combination of the…

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Paris: Stade de France suicide bomber identified as would-be asylum seeker from Syria

Peace and Freedom


Stade de France suicide bomber identified as would-be asylum seeker by Greek government

Paul Joseph Watson – NOVEMBER 14, 2015

Reports are emerging that one of the terrorists involved in last night’s Paris massacre was a Syrian refugee who arrived in Greece last month.

Greek journalist Yannis Koutsomitis tweets that the country’s Ministry of Public Order and Citizen Protection has confirmed that the terrorist found with a Syrian passport on his person was, “registered as refugee on Leros island in October.”

Koutsomitis also drew attention to a quote by Greece migration Minister Yiannis Mouzalas, who on September 9th said, “It would be “foolish to believe that there are no jihadists among the refugees that cross into Europe.”

A Syrian passport was discovered on the body of one of the suicide bombers who staged the attack outside the Stade de France during the France v Germany soccer…

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Paris terrorist was a Syrian refugee, says Greek government official

Peace and Freedom

At least one of the one of the terrorists responsible for the slaughter of 129 people in the Paris terror attacks was a Syrian refugee, officials have claimed.

The Express, UK

PUBLISHED: 16:28, Sat, Nov 14, 2015 | UPDATED: 19:57, Sat, Nov 14, 2015

Terror attacks in ParisGETTY•REUTERS

Greek officials said the passport of the man showed he was Syrian

A Greek government official revealed the man, who died in the terror seige on the French capital, had passed through the southern European country last month.A passport was found near the body of the gunman, which revealed he arrived in mainland Europe from the Greek island of Leros, suggesting he had made his way there by boat.

It has been revealed the man was one of the suicide bombers at the Stade de France. He was not known to the French authorities.

Citizen Protection Minister Nikos Toskas, in charge of police…

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Two men linked to Paris attacks registered as migrants in Greece: police

Peace and Freedom


Security cordon off the area close to Rue Bichat following several attacks in the French capital Paris, on November 13, 2015

ATHENS (AFP) – Two men who French police are seeking to trace in connection with the Paris attacks registered as refugees with Greek authorities earlier this year, the Greek police confirmed on Saturday.


French authorities had asked their Greek counterparts to check a passport and fingerprints of one man and the fingerprints of another who were thought to have registered in Greece, which is the main entry point into Europe for Syrian refugees.


At least one Syrian passport was found near the body of one of the seven assailants who died in Friday night’s violence.

© 2015 AFP


Paris terrorist was a Syrian refugee, says Greek government official

President Obama Boards Air Force One For Trip To Turkey, the Philippines and Malaysia

Terrorism in Paris Prompts International Move…

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Brollies up, everyone!

Umbrella photo: London Umbrella Girl :{D Untitled-1copy.jpg

ShevaBurton. Cross of Change Blog

Abe claims to be right over target. Brollies up!

Source: Brollies up, everyone!

He is a creep !

When i was first online, and massively publicising the 2010 rally, my online presence bacame huge.

I spoke to Ian McFerran quite a few times, disturbed that in any hollie support groups, no other cases or survivors were allowed, he explained, that he had seen evidence,that he was Robert Greens’ right hand man, he mentored Brenda mumsy, and convinced many that the hollie case was the one to rip through the denial of the establishment, i disagreed, but conceded that he might indeed know more than me.  But still promoted them amongs hundreds of other groups, not realising their dark agenda.

At the time of the reddit posts, i had highlighted on allvoices a man on hunger strike in ireland and a small two man protest against the Catholic Church.  Immediately, Wearechange…

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