If He Was So Bad Why Does It Hurt So Bad?

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I know whenever I broke up with guys before I met James I would hurt but I would be sure of my decision, I would go along in a relationship and at some point I would know, “This relationship isn’t going anywhere” and I would be able to walk away. But with James every we broke up I doubted myself and my decision.

It hurt! like I had never hurt before in any other relationship I had ended; and if it hurt this bad, then maybe I was making a mistake breaking up with him. If he was that bad, why did it hurt so much? And then there would be the friend whose well meaning advice or concern would give me reason to doubt my decision. “If you are this upset maybe it is a mistake” or they would mention they had seen him with another woman and they…

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This is EXACTLY what has happened to ME!!!!!!!!!!!! I am still on a “temporary” order going on 2 years now. Of course, no-one will want to “interrupt” my daughter’s life now after 2 years. Even though it was OK that it was interrupted when she was legally kidnapped. This is EXACTLY what has happened to me to a tee. Still on a “temporary” order 2 years later and meanwhile my child has been alienated from me and brainwashed (Stockholm Syndrome, Trauma Bonding, Parental Alienation Syndrome). amber alert childs mind

Of course, no one will want to interrupt her life now, 2 years later. The abuser will win by default and I will end up bankrupt. I 100% agree with this lawyer. These temporary orders should be UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Ruining lives every day. PLEASE SHARE THIS TO EDUCATE AND BRING AWARENESS. pa.ten

Attorney Michelle MacDonald Contests “Temporary” Orders Depriving Protective…

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Horrible: Lies, deception, defamation of me, hypocrisy, Sabine K McNeil & Angela Power-Disney

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Source: Naughty Scarlet makes Sabine cry

Horrible Sabine & Hypercritical Angela  Video link

I will let my passion speak for itself.   If someone can screenshot the convo, the day before this, you will see exactly what was and wasn’t said.

Apart from not even naming me, you know that invisible being ignored, trigger….. and then to change and twist my words, well alot of survivors of CSA, don’t need me to tell you, that these people have no business being anywhere near us, our campaigns, or other vulnerable people.

But of course, as child abuse perps, they are also displaying all of the signs, of that to.

Do we need people like this, educating anyone on either child abuse or Family law, let alone childrens rights.

We need to rake out the autumn leaves put them on a bonfire, so that roots and shoots may grow strong,

So yes…

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Initial Response to Karen Woodall

Dr. Craig Childress: Attachment Based "Parental Alienation" (AB-PA)

There is a group of professionals, of which I am a member, called the Parental Alienation Study Group which is led by Dr. William Bernet. 

The purpose of this group is to share knowledge and information regarding the pathology of “parental alieantion” with the goal of resolving the “parental alienation” pathology.  In the November newsletter of the Parental Alienation Study Group, Dr. Karen Woodall offered her critique of an attachment-based model of “parental alienation.”

Unlike the prior critique offered by Drs. Bernet and Reay within PASG, I was not offered a prior opportunity to respond to Dr. Woodall’s critique, so the first I saw this critique was in the November Newsletter.  I wish to take this opportunity to respond to Dr. Woodall’s critique of an attachment-based model of “parental alienation.”

I have posted Dr. Woodall’s critique of an attachment-based model of parental alienation from the PASG Newsletter to my website…

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