Kevin Annett,Belinda Mc Kenzie – Promoting and Creating Fake Child Abuse and Satanic Panic Hoaxes

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Source: Kevin Annett,Belinda Mc Kenzie – Promoting and Creating Fake Child Abuse and Satanic Panic Hoaxes   

I used to support and massively promote Kevin Annett.  Back 2009/10, i was following Nell Cole, in fact we are still friends on facebook, and i witnessed her dismay, and then outage of him, and then Mel Ve got involved with him, i had recently been interviewed by her, regarding the Co Intelpro agents, here UK, specifically the Hollie Hoax.  She then realised the same, that he was a conman, shill etc, as have others…… Cornelius gave a magnificent speech back at the 2010 rally, later Belinda had Kevin stay, and i am not happy to see a very good man, smeared, now.  He consistantly posts and has done so much good work, as well as produce some beautiful music, that heals my soul.  Very importantly though, i am not speaking for Cornelius, nor implying…

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The Imbalance of American Justice – Celebrities who got away with murder…. 11/08 by Voices InJustice Radio | Current Events Podcasts

Patricia McKnight ~~ My Justice

Voices Injustice is looking at an area very sensitive to our justice system, at least here in America – Celebrities who killed their spouses…..How many rich celebrities were able to buy their way out of punishment deserved of their crime?

Snooping around –
This is where the true injustice of our human society comes through. We are all consumed with who is dating who? Who is cheating on who? Who is divorcing who? However, there is a much more dangerous edge to the Who is Who; Celebrities who killed because of jealousy, power, dominance, control!!!!

Join Trish, Sunday Nov 8th, beginning at 7pm eastern time as we have some fun in snooping about the celebrities, but we are looking at the dark side of the person who allows the need for power, their ego, their needs to send them into a rage that ended in murder. Call me live to…

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Africa’s elephants and rhinos die amid guerrilla warfare — rangers and soldiers stalk poachers — Poachers slaughtering anything they can

Peace and Freedom


An elephant in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

An elephant crosses a road in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe, on Oct. 1, 2015. (Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi / AP)

By Christopher Torchia
The Associated Press

JOHANNESBURG — The eight suspected poachers stood under a tree, apparently unaware they were being tracked by 10 rangers from Congo’s Garamba National Park. But as the rangers approached, gunfire rang out from the tall grass nearby, where other heavily armed men were hidden. The dragnet swiftly turned into a desperate fight for survival.

The shootout last month, in which three rangers and a Congolese army colonel were killed, highlights the challenge of protecting parks in a part of Africa plagued for decades by insurgencies, civil war, refugee flows and weak governments. It shows how some conservation efforts resemble a kind of guerrilla warfare in which rangers and soldiers stalk — and are stalked by — poachers who are slaughtering Africa’s elephants and other wildlife.

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