2016 | Année internationale de la coparentalité – International Year of Co-parenting

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Report to United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child  
about United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Submitted by

Wales UNCRC Monitoring Group and
The Fair Play for Children Association, UK
32 Longford Road, Bognor Regis, West Sussex PO21 1AK,

United Kingdom jan.cosgrove@fairplayforchildren.net Tel: 0843-289 2638

Their goals are expressed by the Wale UNCRC monitoring Group

“Welsh law does not as yet confer a legal remedy on a child who is the victim

of a violation of the CONVENTION, nor does it give the Convention SUPERIOR

or EVEN equal status to domestic legislation.”

Therefore Civil Society and NGO’s seek,
• Incorporating the Convention into domestic legislation • Government coordination
• National strategy
• Independent Human Rights InstitutionsUN 4 Jesus
• Allocation of resources
• Dissemination
• Co-operation with civil society

They are working earnestly to influence the
Welsh Government to persuade the UK Government as State Party to
incorporate the Convention in UK law;

Welsh Government should:
Systematically review existing legislation to determine whether this should be amended to ensure compliance with the Convention.

Incorporating the Convention in the UK judicial system is a terrifing proposal tha will further erode parent-child relationship! FLIGHT AGAINST THE CONVENTION INCORPORATION IN UK LAW !

Is the American public surrendering self-governance to rampant corruption ?

American Fathers

By Dr. Leon Koziol

I have lived to experience something I never thought I would: a voter ballot without any choices. It was Election Day at ward 2-3 in New Hartford, New York and all candidates were unopposed. There was not even a proposition for me to ponder.

When I ran for state Senate ten years ago, a statistical tie resulted with a retired state Supreme Court justice as my opponent. The polls were active, the debate lively throughout and it was only a primary. City voter turnouts doubled the number this past week.

After recounts, the winner in my Senate race convinced me to run for county executive the next year where I garnered nearly 25,000 votes. Again the debate was lively and lines nearly out the door at the same ward 2-3, this time in the general election.

On Election Day 2015 I was the only voter at…

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Belinda McKenzie thinks she knows about child protection. Alert to all serious campaigners


ShevaBurton. Cross of Change Blog

Please watch & share, and be aware that Belinda McKenzie has now been warned by the court and police, not to talk about the Hampstead Case, which she does/doesn’t here.

The very worrying thing, though is that at a meeting yesterday, she announced the launching of a campaign for childrens’ rights, ‘Children must come first’, she stated.

Nevermind that she and the team that viralised the identities and testimonies of two young childrens’ allegations of child abuse, which were bullied out of them by their step father, the case unusually, for family court, was heard in open court for the final judgement, which is available online, also reported in the national and local press.

So the right to privacy for the children is thrown to the wind, and Belinda and Angela casually discuss a radio broadcast on LBC, that Angela mentions, having listened to, a point made on the programme…

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