Bringing rights to your mobile

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MobileA quick post to announce that the UK Human Rights Blog has now been optimised for mobile use.

We hope this will mean a slicker (and less eye-straining) experience when accessing the latest human rights news and analysis on your smartphones and tablets.

You shouldn’t have to download anything to access the site in its new format – just go to from your hand-held device!

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A Full Life

Tri Fatherhood


Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

You have strep throat Max. I’ve been home with you the last couple of days, working inbetween building legos and finding on demand episodes of Avengers Assemble and Goosebumps for you.

We went to the doctor this morning, followed by a trip the pharmacy to get your meds.

at the doc...still smiling through the strep. at the doc…still smiling through the strep.

I ran into an old friend there – one I hadn’t seen in years. Our conversation took the shape of many of my conversations with old friends these days.

“What have you been up to?”

“Oh, you know, work – driving kids around – work – kids.”

We both laughed and conceded that such a life, while it’s not what you imagine as a teenager, is indeed a “good life”. I mean, when I knew this particular friend last I think I thought I’d be an Olympic gold medalist and…

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