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Researching Reform

Welcome to another week.

Prime Minister, David Cameron has recently made a statement in which he would like to see the adoption process sped up even more so that adoptions are secured faster. Mr Cameron’s reason for wanting to up the pace is to place children more quickly and avoid them having to wait for long periods before being adopted.

However not everyone feels this is the answer. Counter arguments include the view that greater speed in the process does not necessarily equal a stable and lasting placement, and that it would be better to focus on addressing children’s needs as a whole during the in-between stages of care and adoption so that the right families can be found for each child.

Our question then, is just this: do you think faster adoption processes are a good thing?


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Failure to Timely Submit Uncovered Medical Expenses Allowed in Franklin, TN: Eberbach v. Eberbach

Herston on Tennessee Family Law

Facts: Mother and Father divorced in 2011. Their parenting plan provides that the children’s “uncovered reasonable and necessary medical expenses . . . will be paid by pro rata share in accordance with [the parties’] income[s].” According to the parenting plan, the pro rata share was 100% to Father and 0% to Mother.

The parenting plan further provides that “[a]fter insurance has paid its portion, the parent receiving the bill will send it to the other parent within 10 days. The other parent will pay his or her share within 30 days of receipt of the bill.”

In 2014, Mother filed a motion for judgment against Father for reimbursement of uncovered medical expenses totaling over $25,000.

Father argued he is not liable for the children’s uncovered medical expenses because Mother failed to comply with the requirement that she send those unpaid medical bills to him within 10 days of…

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